Saturday, September 11, 2010



  1. Sigh! This is why the word loverly was invented.

    davy - How on earth were you triggered into remembering that?

    *Daydreams* Late 70s ... Oh how I recall that she would be simply everything a boy would want from a girlfriend. Perhaps I will bump into her in Asda and we can marry and live in the Outback with a pet possum.

  2. Bless you Dickie, I don't know what did it, it was just in my head; I tracked it down having not heard it properly for years and it was even better than I remembered it.

    Written by John 'Hopelessly Devoted' Farrar with, fantastically, Hank Marvin (!) and Don Black.

    You know, if it was Dusty it'd be hailed as a classic, but it's Olivia, so it's kitsch. There's no justice.

  3. That's very true. She's lush. It's lush. An updated arrangement may also be interesting?

    Didn't know about the writers - but it's clear now you mention it. (Not sure which bit was Hank's though?)

    I recall being blind with jealously that yer man - Bruce Welch - from the Shads was seeing to her! Particularly as he was that much older. (Outrageous). Then I found out his real name was Cripps! Life aint rosy ALL the time - even with Livvy on your arm.

  4. oh gawd. i wasn't quite ready for that and it's left me all of quiver. i'll popo back later...ithink there's something in my eye


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