Friday, September 24, 2010

The Smiling Hour

Ah, look at what the cat dragged in; I was wondering where you'd got to. Here, I kept you a seat. Still raining outside is it? Nice weather for ducks eh? That's the summer well and truly over then.

So anyway.

What can I get you?

Drop of the usual?

US3 - 'Cantaloupe (Flip Fantasia)' (1993)


  1. Got a new gin to try this week SW4. I think that it is just about time to break the seal. I will pour one for you Mr H.

    It is the September weekend around these parts when traditionally the west coast of Scotland decants to Blackpool for fun, frollicks and fightin'. I myself will be at the wedding tomorrow of a couple of folkies, so I expect to be bored rigid by guys with acoustic guitars at the end of the night singing about how we got shafted by the English and the laird.

    Have a good weekend people.

    class tune by the way Mr H.

  2. Thats very very kind and i do like a drop of gin but as I'm in a tent in coldest Hampshire. .. A wee dram of the really hard stuff might be more prudent.
    Have a fabulous weekend

  3. Millie - I recommend two fingers of good malt, say Jura or Laphroaig

    But you still have broadband. Or do you have one of them fancy phones?

  4. Drew
    I have a fancy phone a cosy pillow and bottle of bells

    Luxury camping this ;0)

    I think I may give myself a bottle of Jura for Xmas

    Ps if it's one or two fingers of the good stuff.. I'm going to need at least half a foot of bells

  5. 'Luxury camping' - isn't that a bit like 'compassionate Conservatism' and 'alcohol-free wine' ?

    Sheesh Millie, are thoughts are with you, honey chile x

  6. PS: Drew - everyone's got a fancy phone now. Except you.

    Simon's probably got a tent erection App.

  7. I don't do tents. Just the thought of going camping brings me out in a cold sweat.


  8. THE month has been very hit and miss this year - must try harder.

    Mrs Darce just left the door open as she went to get the washing in (must try harder ha! ha!) - it's decidedly nippy.

    Fancy phones?
    It may be closer to sloe time now but our daughter has been Blackberrying all day. (Whilst listening to her Apple? - where's the pastry? - groan!)

  9. I only have a work phone, which only works from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday and that's the way I like it.

    Simon will also have an app to find the exact spot to put your tent, regarding lay lines and fen shuie or whatever the fuck it's called.

    I can thoroughly recommend the SW4, by the way.

  10. I have camped, but only when under the influence.

  11. I'm very easily influenced ;0)

  12. Now hotels. Those I do. Even better under the influence.

  13. gin yes. malt yes. bells yes. hell kalhua yes. camping no. no no no. not since debden. but then we never talk of debden

  14. Bivouac - for hardened military types and minimalist campers - like mesen ...

    A bivouac sack (also known as a bivy sack, bivi bag or just bivy) is an extremely small, lightweight, waterproof shelter, and an alternative to traditional tent systems.

    It is used by climbers, hikers, ultralight backpackers, soldiers and roughy toughy types. (Or those who need to sleep in the shed due to being locked out). The bivouac sack has a larger, similar counterpart, called a bivouac shelter.

    Next week, we look at Travelodge Motels and how to avoid them.

  15. And I'm sure we'd all like to thank the Flight Sergeant for his fascinating talk. I am conscious that one or two of you ladies are keen to press him further, but may I suggest we do that over the vol-au-vents?

  16. DVD - are you my little brother, you are sounding scarily like him~?

  17. "Would Constance from the WI Ents Committee please allow FS Van Dyke to continue on his way. He has another talk to give to the Heckmondwike Boys Brigade later today.

    He has offered to display his weapon at the Summer Fayre.

    Henrietta advises that the grass stains can be removed with carbonate of soda.

    Chutney will be on sale throughout the day".

  18. Sunday evening so I realise I'm a bit late. We've just got back from camping in Carnforth, North Lancashire- very cold but we got away with the weather. Red wine and 7 layers of clothing at night. I like to think one can retain a mod influence when camping but the layering destroys the clean lines required.


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