Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bouncing With Bud

I've been computerising more vinyl - the sound on this Blue Note LP!

And this track?


Explodes a grey day.

Max Roach on drums.

Bud Powell - 'Un Poco Loco' (1951)


  1. Oooh, I've got that on CD. I haven't listened to that in a long long time. Can see what I'm going to do when I get home tonight.

  2. has every thing changed to download only now or is it my not complaining just panniking were does it download to im hoples with this thing, sorry to be a pain

  3. Sorry chaps, is refusing to reset to a new month's bandwidth, which is a pain. I'll switch this and the EC track to Mediafire, which is what the others are on and why you can't play them without downloading.

  4. Ahhh, thank you for this, I'd not heard it before. I've ordered the CD; and I was reminded of his brother Richie, which reminded me of Clifford Brown, which reminded me that I'd never really looked on Amazon for what I didn't have by Clifford Brown, which is why I've ordered another two records tonight.

    Bless you and bloggers like you; so long as I can afford to keep reading you!

  5. Cheers Mark. I have a Clifford Brown-sized hole in my collection, so any tips on where to start would be groovy.

  6. "Brown & Roach at Basin Street" is about as indispensable as you can get; I see it's paired with "Sonny Rollins Plus Four" on one CD as "Three Giants", and if I didn't have them, I'd buy that like a shot.

    "Sarah Vaughan With Clifford Brown" is lovely, and I can tell you about "Helen Merrill With Clifford Brown And Gil Evans" when I receive it!

  7. A connoisseur's response sir, and I thank you.


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