Friday, November 25, 2011

Equally Cursed And Blessed

This is good.

I like it.

Bit frosty.

Swede poppy.

And continued evidence of the all-pervasive influence of 'Be My Baby' by The Ronettes (the unassailably positioned, number one best pop record of all time, ever).

I am grateful to my good friend Dr. Al for bringing it to my attention on a CD he made for me back in April (ah Spring, when hope was ours).

I shall need something warming tonight; that chill's got in me bones.

Lykke Li - 'Sadness Is A Blessing' (2011)


  1. I listened to bits of the album for the first time this morning on the way to work. Most impressed I was. That's not the first time that's happened when you post something!

    Also, check out Summer Camp, Welcome To Condale which is bloody good skewed pop with synths. Like The Cardigans working with OMD.

  2. At the moment i have a playlist with over 20 tracks that use that drum beat and they're not all by the Mary Chain

  3. I liked this when it came out and had forgotten about it. Must give it another spin.

  4. Good when that happens SA.

    Spookiness Drewster - I was *that* close to making the same joke in the post. Could do with some of your posh rum to warm me cockles tonight. Gonna make a veg chilli.

    Saw you were in a Lykke Li like this a.m Simon. Have been playing this over and over all week, so must have been sending waves your way.

  5. Oh and thanks - I shall investigate Summer Camp.

  6. Only time for a quick one, Mr H, got a Friday night pass, yeah!

    I could murder a pint of London Pride but will have to make do with Guinness tonight.

    Our favourite beer swilling wench has made an appearance over at mine.

  7. Pleading hearts. It's that kinda day.
    Y'know, when ..
    Autumn seems to want to become winter.
    The colourful border plants fade and wilt.
    The harvest is over as the warmth ceases.
    The woods beckon as the haunting wind whistles through the half naked trees.
    Somewhere over the rainbow the warm tenderness of spring raises a splendid V sign.
    The hedgehog says, 'Fuck this for a game o soldiers, I'm off for a kip'.

    A kind of Ode To The End Of Autumn if you like, but without any skill, signs of tactile symmetry, allegorical discourse nor metaphoric reflection.

    A time to make music and taste the last drops of the cider press seems appropriate to me.

    (As you can tell - I've started already).

    "Winter descends here as a man might hope to die ... with a natural sweetness".


  8. Fucking hell DVD lighten up, it's Friday. Mind you it is rather miserable up here.

  9. i was going to ask about modern records but dear dickie has sent me straight on to the bourbon tesco lager chaser... wrap up sweethearts

  10. *drinks, cooks, drinks again*

  11. You summed it up DVD.

    House full of teenagers here. It's like being at work. 'cept I am drinking Kronenbourg.

  12. It's a tad colder than it was
    Though still quite
    mild for the time of year
    The weather forecaster says;

    I quite fancy
    The weather forecaster
    To be honest
    You know - Lucy
    Off of 'Daybreak'?

    She makes
    More bearable

    Her surname's Veeraswamy

    When she's on
    The weather feels
    More balmy

    davyh, 13 and three quarters

  13. Oh flip, her name's actually Verasamy. Which doesn't work nearly as well.

    Mind, she is sweetly pretty in a clean-cut way...

  14. She can read the weather to me anytime. High pressure coming on from the south.

  15. Followed by a long depression. brighter in the morning though.

  16. Give me Heather The Weather anyday.

    There's even a song been penned about her

  17. I posted a Summer Camp video at my place a few days ago.

    Pay attention people!

  18. it's pissing down up here!

    Making up end of year lists

  19. tottally new to me and top notch

  20. that was me


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