Monday, November 21, 2011

Cute, In A Stupid Ass Way

Well look, this has all been very nice but I really must get on.

Here's Jacques Brel (difficult, bohemian, Belgian) via Scott W. fantasising about what it'd be like to be a proper pop star.

English lyrics by Mort Shuman, who knew a thing or two about popular music himself.


Scott Walker - 'Jackie' (1967)


  1. First!!!

    Ahem. This is a great song, and I love that line.

  2. I just don't get this type of thing. But he mentions Twickenham. Rah!

  3. The martial orchestra at the beginning (and intermittently throughout) sounds like it's playing the Thunderbirds theme.

    Lady Penelope would like this one

  4. what's still marv is that these records these lps of huge weird wonder were massive hits top pop hits. it's almost unimaginable these days isn't it? i love scott.


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