Friday, November 04, 2011

The Smiling Hour

Set 'em up pally.

Sammy Davis Jr. - 'Ain't That A Kick In The Head?' (1960)


  1. A large g&t if you will, please barman.

    I am still a rather angry man tonight Mr H. Also having problems in the ripping dept which has darkened my mood somewhat.

  2. Just a half for me Barbara, love.
    On tablets. Old war wound playing up.

    'Oh, you poor thing".

    By the way, you're looking resplendant tonight. Chiffon is it? Mind the puppies don't leap out.

    "Ooh Dickie. You ol devil. You never change. Whisky chaser is it."

    Go on then luv. Medicinal purposes, you understand ...

  3. Jeez, it's pissing down out there. Bitter please, and some crisps.

  4. Too early for cocktails here but that is one marvelous tune x.

  5. Isn't it though: Vegas! x

    Dickie, I've had a complaint from Barbara.

    SA - nuts?

  6. Oh c'mon Landlord.
    She's a game girl. And with a stacked top shelf like that, I bet yer din't employ her for her appreciation of the Duckworth Lewis method.
    Give drew a pickled egg. On me. And another bag of scratchings for SA, and a milky coffee for young Greer. Put the change in the Poppy jar

  7. I've just spent two hours willfully and happily applauding the chair of the local chamber of commerce, the president of the local small business council, the chair of the civic society and my local conservative MP. I think I'll have a second double lined up, please.

  8. I'll get that Adam, you look like you need it.

    I'll pass on the egg Dickie, if it's all the same with you. Play havoc with my guts and I'm not too sure about the green yolk.

  9. Lovely.

    If someone can get Dickie out from under the barmaid I've just posted a different version of Atmospherics for him over yonder.

    I've been at a meeting looking to overturn the council's decision to close my daughter's school, which has been sent to the Adjudicator by the local diocese so, as well as everyone else I've been applauding I suppose the big man should get a mention. It's in god's hands now.


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