Friday, November 11, 2011

Royale With Cheese

Double O groovy!

Herb Alpert - 'Casino Royale' (1971)


  1. Evening Mr H.

    I'm glad it's Friday, although I have a weekend of helping to build various Lego things Max got for his birthday to look forward to.

    Drink anyone?

  2. I would drink anyone, yes.

    Some of the happiest hours of my younger years were spent playing Lego, so I must say I *envy* you Drewster. The girlies will play Lego with me now and then, but there is always an element of them indulging me in it.


  3. I was never really a lego person. Airfix soldiers and Action Man for me.

  4. Yeah but I was the one who joined CND and my brother was the one that joined up. I had had my fill with war by the age of twelve.

    Quiet tonight.

    Fall album is growing on me with repeated listens.

    Did I say that ATE were disappionting as well?

  5. A drop of home brew from the brother in law to get through here, if anyone fancies a swift half. It's as good as it might be.

  6. You did Drew, and I were sorry to hear it.

    Possibly you are entering that period of life where just about everything is a disappointment.

    Nothing for it but a swift half of Adam's brother-in-law's home brew, I expect.

  7. PS: If only there'd been an internet in 1986. We could have connected Lanark and Torbay CNDs in a powerful cross-national cabal that would almost certainly have stopped the arms race!

  8. You could have helped me build my shelter in Lanark High Street!

    Go on Adam I'll have a pint

  9. I've some IPA and I've some stout. I'd recommend the IPA, to be honest, the last bottle of stout was a bit chewy.

    With the kind of righteous indignance and bitingly original satire I would have thought I was coming up with I am secretly glad we didn't have the internet (even though, with my geek hat on, actually we did).

    A greenham convoy went past my house in the middle of the night once. I was a mixture of a little bit awestruck, a little bit righteously indignant and a lot scared.

  10. Did it glow green and go 'Apocalypse is coming, apocalypse is coming!' ?

  11. Built to the govt specification, Protect and Survive pamphletcarried a door and cases and everything up the street. Mate had a hand held siren. We ended up getting lifted! The stupidity of youth

  12. Adam - the Trident warhead convoy came through Lanark in the middle of the day on it's way to Coulport. Motorcycle outriders with side arms and all. Will try and dig out the pictures

  13. Blimey. Only popped in for a quiet one.

    From Lego to the end of the world in 10 easy steps.

    Mind you, it feels like the World's End when:

    a) barefoot, you stand on a bit of Lego in the middle of the night when bladder calls.

    b) later, the chewy stout and Ruby Murray enforces the follow-on chunder and Armitage Shanks embrace circa 05:45


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