Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Newport Up

That kind of thick drizzle that clings has come in over SW London tonight.

I'm a bit no-time this-time this week: just enough to pop this up for you. From Newport '56 - "the greatest performance of [Ellington's] career... It stood for everything that jazz had been and could be."

A davyh vinyl rip at 320kbps.

Gee baby, ain't I good to you.

Duke Ellington - 'Newport Jazz Festival Suite: Part 2 - Blues To Be There' (1956)


  1. nice one daithi.

    was out in the hills behind the house here trying to spot the meteor in the cloying drench you mentioned. nada. Duke and a warmer upper doing the trick

  2. When you play crackly jazz like this all the sudden I am back in my great aunt and uncle's sitting room after a lovely meal, and he's lounging on the floor in front of the record player in his dapper wool trousers and button down shirt, propped up on one elbow, and I'm sitting there next to him listening and looking out at the city lights just barely visible through the fog. It was how I spent every holiday and many many ordinary Sundays.

    Thank you good sir x.

  3. Greer, that's lovely. Dapper wool trousers here I come...x

  4. I often think how much he would have liked music blogs. Especially yours.


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