Monday, June 16, 2008

(Another) One Of Those Days In England

I had a solo drive west on Saturday for a family wedding near Bristol so I thought something from Swindon's finest might soundtrack my journey nicely. Had a bit of a moment to this whilst whizzing through Wiltshire downland on the M4 motorway.

XTC - 'The Wheel And The Maypole' (2005)


  1. My missus is from Wiltshire and my folks live in South Wales, so I'm very familiar with the drive west...

    Doing it next week as it goes. For a wedding. I'll have to try some XTC for the tunes for the car. See how they go down.

  2. Not sure if I ever mentioned it but I love this band. The end of this manages to remind me of the Beatles and Beach Boys and be pure XTC all at the same time.

  3. Marvin's 'What's Goin' On' was a goodie played dead loud too, but always is. Obviously.

  4. How queer. My missus is from Wiltshire too (by Stonehenge) and I'll be doing the long return trip from Leeds this Sat. (It will be the Longest Day). XTC compilation is now a must. (Gotta be better than Spire FM and BBC Wiltshire Sound).

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. 'By Stonehenge' (Amesbury? Winterbourne Stoke?) on Midsummers Day? Druids! There'll be Druids!!!

  6. It's funny...I avoided XTC for years...not sure why. But with the closing of a local vinyl store, I've been able to purchase almost their entire catalog for pennies on the dollar (pound?!)--and I'm loving every minute of catching up on what I've missed. A certifiable "switch' is in effect. So - fine timing with this one, Davy!

  7. I had an Aunt that lived in 'Codford St Mary' dunno if she was an XTC fan though. I was staying with her when Elvis died, and had a trip to Avebury - terrifying after watching 'Children of The Stones'

    I've got an XTC playlist which is always played out when we're out that way (or Dorset and Cotswolds)and includes.

    'Summers Cauldron'
    'Humble Daisy'
    'Season Cycle'
    'Fruit Nut'
    'In Loving Memor Of A Name'

    I must post the Andy Partridge 'History of Rock N Roll in under 30 seconds' thing

  8. Season Cycle is another one that manages the Beatles/Beach Boys/XTC trick. I made an 80-min XTC CD for the car and one week later had to make another to accomodate all the good stuff. Did I mention I like this band?

  9. Yes young Davey - Amesbury. The place used to stink for weeks in the early 80s following the Festival de la Crusty around midsummers week.

    I used to love to go down to mingle with the 70,000 or so and dance naked (except for boots) in as happy drunken haze.

    Always amazes me that folk will travel from all corners of the world to see Stonehenge. The nearby and far more interesting and accessible Salisbury Cathedral is much the better spot.

  10. Ah, 'Amesbury girls, they will break your heart in two...'

    That's a nice playlist by the way Mondo.


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