Friday, June 13, 2008

I Got Life

I don't know about you, but sometimes of a Friday I fancy a hit song out of a 1960s American Tribal Love Rock Musical as done by a Great Soul Singer with the full and magnificent backing of the Stax house band from the big warm, bass-rich black vinyl grooves of Stax Soul Explosion (1968).

Carla Thomas - 'Where Do I Go?' (1968)

Let's get naked!


  1. It's a little bit too cold for nudity.

  2. Just watch those buttons.

  3. Since I became significantly afflicted by a bald patch akin to that of a Cistercian monk, I have considered hair to be somewhat overated.

    I am considering making my arse resemble a shaved peach. This may take a good deal of work.

    Hair... Uh!... What is it good for? .. Absolutley nothing.

  4. Dick's shaved peach arse - now that's a conversation killer.

  5. my mum and sister go to them nudie beaches. and try and show us their holiday snaps. and they wonder why i turned out funny...


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