Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, go on then...

It seems every year or so it falls to a blogger somewhere to post this wonderful and relatively rare early record from Simon Booth's post-Weekend outfit and since I've just converted my precious vinyl copy to an mpthreeple I guess it must be my turn. La lucha continua.

Two versions here: the full 10 mins-plus 12" single A-side, the slower, shorter and in its own way just as lovely 7" 'bossa' B-side. Guest vocalists - Tracey Thorn, Robert Wyatt, Claudia Figueroa.

I weep tears of gratitude and pride that this is one of the most played tracks on my eight and a half year old daughter's iPo. We don't do 'High School Musical' in this house and neither, companeros, need you.

Working Week - 'Venceremos (We Will Win)' [jazz dance special 12" edition] (1984)
Working Week - 'Venceremos (We Will Win)' [7" bossa version] (1984)


  1. You didn't fill the iPod up with things you thought she should listen to rather than things she actually liked did you?

    Isn't that some sort of brainwashing?

    Great tune!

  2. Thank you, Davy. Nice!!!
    Dear Simon: where music is concerned, there is a fine line to be drawn between brainwashing and educating. If I like it, it's the latter. ;-))

  3. I play stuff on the stereo on a Friday night whilst sluicing back wine and cooking up a cuzza - every once in a while a little voice says...'Daddy - could I have this on my iPod?' Naturally I am happy to oblige. She likes Ella Fitzgerald and The Shangri-Las too

    As Alan Beiderbecke Affair Plater once had Mrs Swinburne say -
    'If we cannot share our passions with our children, how will they ever learn to be passionate?' x

  4. My daughter was dancing to 'Guns of Navarone' in her bedroom this morning, made her old papa very proud seeing her bouncing up and down to some classic ska.

    Not that she has much choice about the CDs in her bedroom stereo, she's only 19 months old.

  5. Fine line between brainwashing and education... nice.

    we don't have kids yet, and I'm really worried about what I'll do if they like music that I don't like. I don't want to turn into my parents!

    Worse though is the thought that they won't like music; or worse, see it as background music...

    By the way Mr D, how was Lloyd Cole?

  6. A fine band. I still have their first elpee on vinyl, my copy of which came with a free 12" Stella Marina.

    As to Brainwashing I am guilty as charged!. All three of my children can sing all of the lyrics of The Gorilla Album by the Bonzo Dog Band and my eldest used to go to sleep to the radio series of Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy which I have on CD. But it works both ways now as they get older- Several times I've asked my eldest (13) for an MP3 that's on her ipod!

  7. Great record, great band.

    btw I have 'Venceremos' tattooed on my right arm.

  8. Great track, I've got the Companeros album on vinyl
    I have to confess to a bit of brainwashing albeit unknowingly, my 4 year old son keeps asking for "go for a ride" - Teenage Wristband by the Twilight Singers" and "vauxhall" The Fall's Touch Sensitive, which I am quite proud of but equally scared that the ranting of MES appeals to him.

  9. Our future is shurely safe in these children's hands. Hope they spelt it right MB.


  11. mine won't be allowed to leave the house till they've performed the shangri las greatest hits with all the moves and got the hair right. it's for their own good.

    venceremos to you too. i'll spend the day blubbing now and muttering come the glorious day with a raised fist.

    and for awhile i though 'oh go on then' was going to make a very nice thong on my gravestone...

  12. Know too that mine are both big fans of Barbara Lewis' 'Hello Stranger' thanks to your Mix Tape from the summer before x

  13. I have this on tape somewere from the 1984 Festive 50. Please is there any chance of a repost?



  14. jp - both tracks re-loaded - click to download x

  15. Much obliged,
    many thanks

  16. Davy, I'm a Davy too. This track, this 12", reflects my musical youth, I too have the 12", I too know all the words. One of THE great tracks of the 80's. I'm 44 yo now but I still, to this day, get pissed and sing along to this wonderful the top of
    my lungs...and reminisce. It's a beautiful thing, it's a beautiful 12...thanks :-)

    Davy, Melbourne, formerly ye olde London Town.

  17. Good on ya Davy - we will win you know!


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