Friday, June 20, 2008


I've been Up West being High Powered today (cough) so I haven't had time to knock up a Friday post. What is more, I got to the blog platform only to see the Train Of Inspiration pulling away at speed, and the days when I could still run to catch up with it and swing on from the heavy slamming door in a moment of life-endangering vigour are long past (different doors, slower running).

I thought about nicking Jon's Friday random idea but have resisted because 1) it is Jon's Friday random idea 2) my random thingy came up with records unsuited to Friday listening (slow Richard Hawley ones, that sort of thing).

Feck it. I'll just post a vinyl rip from my favourite Vapors single and muse wryly that Time Did Make Me That Man Someday.

I'm looking forward to Friday nite tonight, but I think I will have to go get some more Tonic for it to really kick off in style.

Vic Coppersmith-Heaven, I salute you.

chin chin.

The Vapors - 'News At Ten' (1980)


  1. Can't drink this evening. Going to Chessington with a bunch of 8 year olds tomorrow. Can't be doing with a hangover, and the mood I'm in that's what I'd end up with if I have a drink!

    I love Jimmy Jones. And of course Turning Japanese.

  2. Chessington. Sobriety. I weep for you dear boy. Really, I do.

  3. Oh, Davy...bless you. The post that mentions me also has one of my favorite tracks ever from one of my most favorite bands ever - The Vapors! (First song, side two of the LP...)

    Have you heard the follow-up release 'Magnets'?

  4. I must have heard it back then...but I have no memory of it now...

    Proud to be posting the original single after requesting the album versh from you in the days before I could rip da vinyl..!

  5. We'll need to remedy that...

  6. The Vapors from the ethers:

  7. It's the 'Where's Waldo/Wally' one! You posted it; I commented. So it seems far from failing to remember something from 25 years ago, I failed to remember something from, erm, last year.

    Oops! Nurse! The screens!

  8. This would certainly make my Top 45 45's at 45.

    It meant the world to me in '80. I wonder now if it would have been as important if they hadn't been supporting The Jam at the time? Given the words, the passion, the pulsating frustration, and my life back then, I suspect it may well have.

    The young boys in The Enemy have much of this verve and grasping energy.

    Pernod and black. Tall glass. Ice.

    It was all the rage.

  9. Yes, yes and yes. Except for the pernod and black. Obviously.

  10. I havent heard this in over 20 years.....

    I'd forgotten just how immense it was.

    Gawd Bless Ya...

  11. Just to mention....this went into the i-pod list in its proper alphabetical place....and when the song stopped the next one automatically started....

    News Of The World by The Jam

    Listen to the two songs back to back and the memories will come flooding back....and you'll also be singing along and frightening the cats/kids/neigbours.... its The Next Episode by Dr Dre (I like it anyway.....)

  12. 45 Year Old Pogoing Glaswegian In Ceiling Plaster Smashing Shocker.

  13. In vaguely related linkage, there is a streaming music thing here :

    which has a fun and funky(ish) version the News At Ten theme tune if yer interested. It appears to be a blog with just one entry in it, however!

    All the best

    Ian TB

  14. Thanks Ian - I think. That's weird.

    What's that thing some blogs have that means you can't use the Back button by the way? I hate that.


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