Thursday, June 26, 2008

Easy Blues

Yes, bit by bit I'm blowing the cover on the potential summer mix by posting candidate tracks separately but I can't help it, these are the songs that are sounding good to me right now and what's this place for if not to share the music that's in my head and heart and on the hi-fi and all?

John Martyn sounds especially good at this time of year; there's something about his stoner sound that goes well with fly-buzzin' afternoons and heat haze hanging low over London parks - even the inevitable rain.

This is from Solid Air, but you all know that I'm sure. Groove Armada's Andy Cato has chosen it to open his 2008 mix for Cafe Mambo, not that that should influence your judgement either way, but it does show we're, like, well zeitgeisty, eh?

John Martyn - 'Don't Want To Know' (1973)


  1. I love John Martyn; "may you never" is simply perfection for me; but last week (oh how dodgy this sounds!) I had Big Muff on heavy rotation...

  2. Brilliant album from an honorary Glaswegian. The secondary school he attended is just up the road from us and on the list of catchment areas.

    Would you believe I don't own this album ? I didn't fully realise it myself, until I stopped and thought about it. The track "Solid Air" is often played in my house late in the evening, this time of year...


  3. Look carefully ib and you can pick it up for the price of two pints. Which has to be worth it for 'May You Never' alone (Simon is quite right)...

  4. John Martyn is one of those artists I have seen in concert more times than i can count starting in the Hexagon in Reading in 1980. I am not old enough to have seen him in the Solid Air period and they'd sold out the London dates last year before I had realised they were happening. I haven't actually seen him since he has had his leg chopped off but just looking at his website it doesn't seem to have stopped him eating!

  5. I once had to throw John Martyn out of the pub i worked in. He lived in a village near the town I live in and was a frequent visitor to the pubs in the town. On one of his benders he came into the pub during my shift, everything was fine until the owner turned up and told me to "throw the tramp out", no amount of explaining who he was changed the philistine's mind. My favourite is Ways To Cry or Small Hours.The man is a legend

  6. I like Bless The Weather better, controversially. Lovely lovely lovely.

  7. Well I bought that this morning on your recomm Beth - a snip at three quid in the newly reopened Fopp WC2.

    Thanks for the memories peewit and Drew.

  8. i've played this so many times in the last day it should be worn out. i'm terrible for only playing bits of lps and this has been horridly neglected. i'm a disgrace.
    and thank you


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