Friday, June 06, 2008

Barefoot In The Head

I have a fantasy alternate life where I run a blissed out beach bar somewhere hot and groovy where every night and day lovely people drop by for cold beers and cocktails while chilled beats fill the salty air. The feel of sand is always under my feet because I never wear shoes.

People come from all over the world, we celebrate our diversity; there are regulars too and I know them all by name - sometimes one'll bring a CD they made or an old record they found - 'This'll be right for the bar' - and we stick it on and are pleased to see a few heads nodding, some sandalled feet tapping. The draught San Miguel flows cold and golden and the local rosado is fine. I don't make much money, but I've never been happier in my life.

* * *

I've come up with a thousand reasons why it wouldn't work for real, but I've scratched out this place in the shifting sand and you've kindly popped in - some of you more than once. And I'm really, really glad to have you here. You're some of the grooviest persons a chap could hope to meet. So thank you.

What can I get you?

'Small Balearic Bar Session' - A Davy H Mix (27:08 mins)

[Ingredients available on request]


  1. the pleasure is all mine sunshine
    ps - is there really a life without shoes ?

  2. Hey!! That's my dream!!!!! I always wanted to run a bar called Louie's on some little island in the South Seas. Don't know why the name, maybe something to do with King Louie ( man child....) But there would be lots of rum, and beautiful but dangerous women to get me into adventures stealing treasures from Nazis.

    Ok, maybe not the women and the nazis. And maybe just a great jukebox. And just sand, no floors.

    Grand mix by the way!

  3. Bless you dear boy.

    I like the sound of Louie's - make mine a Margarita and we'd better have some classic reggae on that jukebox.

  4. Excellent work Davey - hopefully we'll be hearing many more from the 'Barefoot' Sessions..

    I'm off work with a right stinky ol' cold today - but can feel my Vitamin D levels rising as I'm listening. I only know the Groove Armada tune -what are the others and what software are you using?

    Have you checked the Hotel Costes series yet?

  5. Gracias Mondo como siempre.

    The tracks are:

    Elevator - Jaffa
    Inside My Mind (Blue Skies)- Groove Armada
    Soft - Lemon Jelly
    Catch A Moment In Time (Ewan Pearson's Memory Blissed Remix) - Mocky feat. Taylor Savvy
    Little Fluffy Clouds (Cumulo Nimbus Mix) - The Orb

    Done on Audacity.

    I have HC Etage Trois - v. nice.

    Get well soon - I'm sure a large beer might help...

  6. Nice. The San Miguel sounds good, but not essential... anythin' you got is fine by me!

    Happy 300th!

  7. Triple century. Estupendo, tio!

    Espero que BITH es abierto para 'negocios' pronto, no?

  8. Que?

    Anyway me old fun guy. 300 thanks for 300 posts. After ocho cold ones, I'll slide a Slippery Nipple down in your friendly hedonistic dance and music bar which never closes.

    After a session, I've always fancied kipping under the stars in a rowing boat on the Med. Senorita (or even a tart from Rhyl), brandy bottle and boogie box to hand.

    Who was it who said, 'The best reason for having dreams, is that in dreams no reasons are necessary'.

    Here's to you having the strength, time and energy for another 300.



  9. And they came to the Guru and they asked Him 'Tell me oh Guru, who art so old and wise - what is the source of true happiness?'

    And the Guru did shift in his shed and sup of the ale and quoth he -

    'Bird, Brandy, Boogie Box lad'

    And it was True, and so it did come to pass.

  10. 300 posts and no drop in quality and only one or two lapses in taste (just kidding). Cheers!

  11. Oooh, I'll just slide over to this stool on the left and not move for a week or so. I love those little fluffy clouds...

  12. 'Purple and red and yellow and on fire....'


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