Monday, June 30, 2008

Meanwhile...(last day of June)

I'm sorry but I couldn't stop myself; I'm a bad person, I know.


  1. You should have your blogging licence revoked for that! (unless you've got a copy of Honey stashed away somewhere)

    My favourite Bobby Goldsboro moment is: "She wrecked the car and she was sad and so afraid that I'd be mad but - what the heck"


  2. I was just walking by
    When I looked in her eye
    And I swore it was winking

    Ahem. I'm so sorry.

  3. I had a little laugh at that bit too.

    That song reminds me of school holidays in the 70s when my mum always had Radio 2 on in the background. I can't hear the song without imagining Jimmy Young playing it. BFN

  4. Nowt wrong with this, lovely record!

    Wasn't a movie made out of this?

  5. Well there's one with that title described here as 'a landmark in gay erotica' - but perhaps that's not the one you mean.

  6. I think the film Lee is thinking of is Summer of 42. It has the same story (apart from the winking)

  7. Inspired. Have you been waiting 6 months for that, you little tinker?

    Can't wait til late September ... for Maggie May.

    Or indeed late December ... for 'Oh What A Night'.

    Pop 'em in your diary old boy.

  8. I awlays though it was a bit creepy at the time, having said that I also thought 'Cat's In The Cradle', 'Wandering Star', 'Spirit In The Sky' and 'Ernie' were a bit creepy at the time.

  9. Mondo has a point but surely the creepiest song of the time was Seasons in The Sun. (*Shudders*)

  10. The video is just laugh out loud funny. Scorcese eat your heart out!

  11. Her upstretched hand pulls him to the sand, ocean waves crash - and he sees the sun rise as a Man. Phew.

  12. Seasons In The Sun...I hate that song, always hated that song. Definitely something creepy about it!

  13. Not if you sing it as

    We had joy
    We had fun
    We had Tottenham on the run


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