Monday, April 06, 2009

I'd Call This Convalescence If Only I Could Spell It

So, apparently, I Did Not Die.

That oxymahoojeyflip hydrochloride cleared the nasal passages enough to get me a half decent night's sleep last night, an mp3 of WPIX FM's Penthouse Party Hosted By Dan Neer 1979 (thanks Jon) and a bit of Lonesome Music's mixtape got me through the shower and shave this morning, the new Word magazine arrived with some nice things on the free CD, and an afternoon walk with Mrs H and the girlies to the shops and back via the pub on the river improved the situation still further.

I have a very croaky voice and can do a mean 'I Was Born Under A Wanderin' Star' if anyone's interested, which I do not suppose they are.

Eddie Floyd - 'Things Get Better' (1967)

Well done on Paul Haig day all concerned; I'd have taken part if I'd had any Paul Haig.

PS: I do not ever want to drink Lemsip again, thanks.


  1. If you're well enough to go out and play you're well enough to go to school.

    Meanwhile on this side of London we're suffering from hayfever.

    Anti-histamines and rum. Now there's a mix.

  2. A lethal cocktail of drugs that is. And I'm on holiday. Ironically.

  3. Glad you pulled through. In re the day, I am now quite burned out on Paul Haig. Simon's post was one of the musically more interesting ones, but I can't tell him because I can't bear the thought of becoming one of cupid's darts.

  4. you're a very brave little soldier. and gee ain't that lonesome mix fine

  5. How cool...glad I could help in some small manner...

  6. Nothing goes to waste round here Jon ; )

  7. Glad your on the mend but envious that you are on holiday, mine's start on Friday and they have been a long time coming. L is already contemplating what needs to be done in the house! No rest and all that.

  8. Lazygoodfornothingthirstquenchingsnotflyingthroatcroakingshivershakingviruscarryingmentholrubbing ... Lemsip!

  9. I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling miserable, but glad to hear you're on the mend. Get well soon!

  10. Mmmm.. antihistamines. I love the drowsy feeling of an Actifed in the afternoon.

    Sadly the ones they sell in the States are pretty weak tea compared to the head-floating English ones.

  11. mancold? now that's an oxymoron round these parts!

    more gin with the lemsip dearie .. more gin ...

    get better soon ... someone has to take control of the hoover!

    *be air smooched*

  12. Managed a little light dusting today Shirl.


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