Thursday, April 23, 2009

Third Person Singular

Mindful that he hadn't posted since Monday, Davy H did the lazy You Tube embed thing. Still, Mr Shuffle had pleased him the night before by dropping this track into his 'set' while the train passed a sunny Battersea Power Station; it had made him think of Colin who used to have a blog of this name before he used to have a blog of another.

'Absent friends'.

Saint Etienne - 'Kiss And Make Up' (1990)


  1. I love this track; it's quite possibly one of my favourite songs by anybody. It's certainly my favourite of the Ets tunes; it reminds me of a particularly good autumn back then. The version with Sarah Cracknell on it just isn't as good.

  2. I guess it’s OK to be lazy if you post a cracking song even if the video is a bit, well, crap. Simon’s comment explains why it’s not the version I know. I missed Saint Etienne back in the 90s so the sum total of my knowledge of their music comes from a ‘Best of’ CD I borrowed from the library.

  3. Most people would have missed Kiss And Make Up unless you're a huge fan of the Etienne. This version turned up on some releases of Foxbase Alpha, but otherwise was only available as a single back in 1990, pre Sarah Cracknell.

    It's also a cover version. The original was by the Field Mice - which is also worth tracking down.

  4. The Field Mice - 'Let's Kiss And Make Up' (1989)

    (Acknowledgements as ever to Colin).

    Funnily enough Mick, I really like the video - especially the bit near the end where it bursts unexpectedly into colour.

  5. I agree with Simon, the Donna Savage vocal is better than the later version. The midsummer madness mix is good as well.

    It is one of those tracks where the cover beats the original by a fag paper

  6. Colin is doing OK folks...indeed I'm meeting up with him later this week.


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