Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When Your Heart Breaks

Hello Saferide's 'Arjeplog' has most certainly turned into a song of my spring since Kips posted the lovely video recently and encouraged me to buy. Consider this a sort of 'reply post'.

I don't think anyone's writing songs right now as poppy, real, heartfelt, funny, articulate and achingly, achingly sad as Annika Norlin's, but if you know differently do tell, I'm definitely in the market for this sort of thing.

HS website here.


  1. It's very Swedish isn't it? They do like that jangly soft pop. Lovely video too.

    Right now I'm digging albums by an American outfit called Obi Best

    and the new album by A Camp, the band formed by Nina Persson of The Cardigans

  2. I love Hello Saferide's music, just wish the name wasn't that pish.
    The Quiz and I Was Definately Made For This are 2 of my faves by her.

    Most Swedes I know (I work for an Anglo/Swedish company)are unaware of the great pop music coming out of their country. I was talking to one guy from Lund where the Radio Dept are from who wasn't even aware they existed.

  3. lol, our own indie poppets not enough for you, you have to start cherry picking Swedes...

  4. Ah but Simon, there is something about Swedish Indie poppetts. How do you cherry pick a turnip anyway?

    That song title should've read I Was Definitely Made For These Times.

  5. Truly Scrumptious. A Swede picking cherry.

    Word veri: Inguene

    which is swedish for ingenue

  6. I don't know many Swedish Indie Poppets, but I do know some Swedish Poppets. Ah Cherry Picking.

    I like my Capital Letters today.

    Word verification:


    Is that a swedish nightclub

  7. marvelous. i shall pretending to do some crap it's almost summer already exercises to this later

  8. You should definitely seek out Silence Is Wild i.e. the latest album by Frida Hyvönen, Mr H. It's absolutely brilliant. She's right up there with Annika Norlin in the ridiculously talented Swedish singer-songwriter stakes!

  9. On matters Swedish, we take the advice of The Kips - ta. Thanks Lee too - I have the A Camp single, nothing more, and haven't heard of Obi Best, so I'll get rummaging pronto.

    Any other suggestions? Anyone? Bespectacled 43 year old (London, GSOH) seeks literate indie pop, female vocalist pref - Swedish good but not essential, send pics.

  10. Marit Bergman! You two would be perfect for each other!

  11. Talking of A Camp (and it is a very fine album)....they're coming to Glasgow playing the tiny ABC2 on 2nd May. Hurrah...great chance to see Nina up close.

    But wait....isn't that the night I've already bought tickets to see Lloyd Cole at ABC1?

    It is y'know.



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