Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Sunny Pop Song # 1

So what's rocking the house here as we plough through yet another box of tissues, smilingly contemplate the sunny weather without actually doing anything in it and look forward to the Easter weekend and the possibility of some choccy bunnies? Eh?

Well, this really; which I first heard on one of my lovely Nuggets LPs (this one, in fact) and which makes me think that to have been a writer and singer of sunny pop songs in California in 1967 must have been a bit like being a playwright in Elizabethan London (Golden Age, and all that).

The Lovin' Spoonful - 'She Is Still A Mystery' (1967)


  1. Lovely stuff o snotty one.

    Thought it was The Monkies in the pic at first glance.

    I think '67 was the best ever year for music. (But that's a 8 pints/15 bottles argument).

  2. I'm sorry, I've never gotten over the revelation of to what the "Lovin' Spoonful" referred...

    *curls up under desk*

  3. ok, i'll comment on the beauty of this song before googling FiL's item and thank you darling Davy for it! xoxo be well!

  4. Don't do it a Tart! You're too young and innocent.

    Look up 10CC instead.

  5. what was it? what was it? i'm very old and ruined all to hell so tell me tell me tell me....

    oh and glad to hear it's just the sniffles now mr h. looked like it was touch and go for a while there

  6. Guess I might play the violin again, huh Doc?

    I have no idea what that FiL's on about neither.

  7. It's one for 'straw boaters and white canes' dance routines isn't it...

    Have you checked out A Whole Lot of Rainbows could take your mind off your flu-pour-homme...


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