Friday, April 24, 2009

Yeah Baby

Fix me a cocktail, I'm shaken and stirred.

Roland Shaw & His Orchestra - 'Let The Love Come Through' (1967)


  1. What a picture.

    Word verification is 'subooned' which is I guess marooned and submerged in some kind of mash up.

  2. If you can, try and track down the Mood Mosiac albums. Quality comps of similar tunes - I picked up half the series in a Virgin post-Christmas sale at £2.99 a pop

    There's a few here

  3. Nice.

    And as many of you hep cats will have figured, the picture's a direct connection - in instrumental form as 'Flying Saucer-First Stop Berlin' (er, right) this Bacharach/David tune featured (very briefly) in the original, largely disastrous, film of Casino Royale.

    Ah, Ursula...

    Roland Shaw? He knocked out a number of big band-type Bond music cover records in the 60s, and this was on the 3rd of them.

    I'd wager no-one that bought it knew what the heck film it was from, but it's brilliant - positively demands to be played LOUD. With accompanying martinis.

    Like I said, Yeah Baby x

  4. Ah, the Sensuous Nurse...

  5. Sorry I'm late, been to the rugby.

    I worked with a bird called Ursula. Except she was a sort of 15 stone She-Devil hairy wart merchant with halitosis and wet armpit stains. She used to eat pork pie and mushy peas for lunch every day. Classy girl; by 4pm she was farting like a trooper.

    If I saw her emerging from the sea in a bikini, I'd fucking top meself.

    Righto - bottle top is off.

    Cheers comrades

  6. While we're on about 6's film music, has anybody got the Joe Loss Pink Panther theme? Please?

  7. that should have said 60's film music. if you haven't guessed.

  8. The Joe Loss version in particular?? Crikey.

    The Aged Ps have got a lot of Joe Loss's Top Pops Dance Party type LPs (quickstep, cha cha, pase doble and slow foxtrot), but no PP I'm afraid.

  9. We know how to enjoy ourselves here you know Kels.

  10. think the jl version's called 'a shot in the dark' & apparently it's fuzzed out

  11. Aren't we all anon, aren't we all.

  12. PS: Mr Mondo can assist you with the original.


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