Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunny Pop Song # 3

And very Spring-like it is too, despite the title.

No-one seems to know very much about October Country, the band. Even the sleeve notes to my Nuggets, Volume 3: Pop, which this is on, refer to them as 'undeniably obscure', but add that 'the record received enough Los Angeles airplay to outsell the Beatles one week at Hollywood's largest record store, Wallach's Music City'.

Composer/producer Michael Lloyd has already made an appearance here, as a member of the West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band.

Anyway, this is a cracking record I think - all group harmonies, stomping strings and (seemingly) fresh Californian air: a tip-top heartstarter for Monday.

October Country - 'October Country' (1968)


  1. I can imagine a Young Generation style dance routine for that..

    Dancers streaming in from stage left and right but filtering into into the middle. Perhaps a few mid-stage spins and steady stares to camera, with a some spring-like leaps and dramatic arm angles..

    The studio should have outsize perspex shapes (spring/summer colours) a'dangling from the ceiling..

    *Goes off to practice in front of a mirror at home...*

  2. Oh yes PM ...

    Crotch groaning tight beige nylon pants. Cossack-sprayed bouncy boufance? hair. Moustachioed 'I'll cop off with Trevor later' knowing look.

  3. Captivating image isn't it?

  4. I've just realised my comment on another summer song of yours was dance routine based - do you think I'm in the wrong game doing IT.

    PS did you know Lionel Blair appears as 'Quinn Travers'in an episode of The Persuaders 'Powerswitch' what a great names

  5. when are taches coming back ? and naming kids trevor? and boufance? i'd never heard boufance before but shall now be using it endlessly.

  6. I wonder if they named themselves after Ray Bradbury's collection of short stories from the 50s? I lapped up all his work in my teens and still have all the paperbacks. Must dig them out again, and I'm sure my son would like them too.

  7. Nice!
    But you really need to hear the version Michael Lloyd recorded with his own band, The Smoke. It knocks this version into a cocked hat, it really does...

  8. Oo-er Harvey. Do you have it.....?

  9. Here you go:

  10. Fabulous! Never even knew that version existed. You're a star Harvey Dubya.

  11. There's a Smoke LP too, which is (almost) all as good as this.


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