Monday, April 27, 2009

MTM Grand

We went wireless in the H household last week and it's all been very exciting. The girls can now 'go on Club Penguin' in the front room on my old laptop and last night I sat up in bed watching old Rhoda clips from YouTube on Mrs H's iTouch. I know. I am one fascinating guy.

Why don't they show Rhoda again? And The Mary Tyler Moore Show come to that? And Taxi? And Laverne & Shirley (although that probably wasn't very good really, was it) ? It'd brighten up my life no end, I can tell you.

Just watching the title sequence brings it all back...

Here's a New York song.

Lou Reed - 'Romeo Had Juliette' (1989)

'You can't beat 2 guitars, bass, drum' (or a Honda, evidently) - Lou Reed.


  1. well aren't we all 21st century futuro boy. have you got a little robot that does the hoovering too ?

    i can't remember what happened in rhoda but i know that i loved it. it was me and my mum telly. i think it was probably a lot of mums telly.

  2. I think it went out on Monday night, which was when my Mum did the ironing, so that figures.

    In my experience there is no substitute for a robust manual hoovering style.

  3. I seem to remember it as Friday nights - but this may be due to 'regional variations', and thought it was an early 70s show. I'm sure there was a scene in the titles where she threws a hat in the air and spins round or something similar.

    I'm trying to trackdown a long-forgotten prog which seemed to be some sort of sea-based scuba diving police thing (he wore a wet suit with yellow stripes down the side).

    Which I think went out around the early/mid seventies roughly the same time as The Beachcombers

  4. She threw her hat in the air at the end PM.

    Don't recall the scuba show, but since I loved 1) detectives 2) The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau, I am certain I would have liked it.

  5. Hey Davy completely off topic but I've been interested in your reading list. There were a couple you mentioned I forgot to write down, any chance of doing a post sometime on some reads you would recommend for the summer?

  6. I've just gone wireless too. Dead exciting, innit?

    Think I might have to search for some of those old sitcoms on Bittorrent. I used to enjoy all of those (apart from Laverne & Shirley, which I must admit to never having seen).

  7. There was a time in my life when I was in love with Rhoda.

  8. It's going to be OK Darce; you're amongst friends here.

  9. when i was a child i couldn't decide if i wanted to be rhoda or marry her (!)... such is the dilemmas of my "type" i guess, haha

    and they do show all those re-runs here on our own special channel of 70s re-runs, all night long. i'm not divulging how late i've stayed up. thanks for the memories, darlin' xoxo

  10. Your own special channel of 70s reruns? Wayhay! I do remember a holiday in Florida where we enjoyed an episode of M*A*S*H at around teatime every evening (we had a very small baby with us - who is now nearly 10 - and we needed something to watch whilst she slept/fed/gurgled); but we didn't think the canned laughter track was too groovy (it was absent from the versh screened here) x


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