Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bettye Blue

Blue blue blue. 

This came on tonight and was just right.  

I work hard all day 

Stay home every night

Lord knows I try to do the thing that's right  

So tell, tell me baby  

What is my life coming to? 

It'd be unexceptional sung by almost anybody else but Bettye's definitely one of my top five favourite singers, and don't ask me who the others are, but Frank and Marvin'd be in there for sure. 

Bettye Swann - 'What Is My Life Coming To?' (1967)


  1. Effortless voice, dear boy, effortless. And you gotta love that classic soul sound. Just backed this up with Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye.

    I cried.

  2. 'Effortless' is the word for it.

  3. Great song, don't know much Bettye Swan but shall be investigating after hearing that.

  4. I agree the Honest Jon's comp is the place to start. Nearly as good as the Candy Staton.

    I was listening to her version of Tell It Like It Is last night, just beautiful.

  5. Yes, that's one of my all time favourite recordings by anyone.

  6. aw sweetpea we're right here with you. and i hope the new day is brighter

  7. Hi - thanks for the recommend. Have just ordered myself a copy. Just recently started my own blog, be great if you got a chance to pop by and have a wee look...you may even be mentioned in one of the posts...


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