Sunday, November 07, 2010

Potato Roasting Music # 1

In this exciting new series, we post music that sounds good on a Sunday whilst a person is roasting potatoes*

This week...

John Martyn - 'Just Now' (1971)

* I like mine with a dash of rosemary and a garlic clove centre-dish, for flavour. I always parboil first, but not for too long.


  1. Lovely track,

    Mine's have to be done in goose fat, hence we don't have them that often.

  2. Yup, rosemary, garlic, olive oil and lots of salt and pepper too. YUM!

  3. Cook em in a tray with some red onions and peppers and garlic, lots of olive oil. Lovely. Meanwhile, some John Holt goes quite nicely alongside.

  4. best post title ever. :) and i like mine with olive oil and rosemary, too.

  5. You know, I'd enjoy potatoes roasted by any of yous - well OK, I'd have to pass on Drew's goose fat BUT! I know the music would be splendid x

  6. Just been listening to a Chess comp, and have to report that Howling Wolf works quite well for roasting spuds too.

  7. I hope this turns into a series.

  8. Fuck me, it's Spud-u-like!

    Well Nigella, gloriously epicurean moments for moi equals a Plugrá butter-dripping chip butty for the bourgeoisie and barefoot contessas of erm, Leeds.

    The potatoes should be freshly dug.

    Generously smothering your spuds in goose fat Drew - are you swimming the Channel?

    PS - I love you all really.

  9. Hmm, from John Peel to potatoes in a few posts... Was that intentional?

  10. Do I count as a barefoot contessa of Leeds, Mr Van Dyke?

    Lard all the way - unapologetic!

  11. Oh aye Beth.

    Mushy peas between your toes as you sashay neath the weeping willows of Hyde Park.


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