Monday, November 22, 2010

Oh Mersey

Having built up to it nicely with a weekend of listening to Echo & The Bunnymen, the Teardrop Explodes, China Crisis and, er, Gerry & The Pacemakers, I have just ordered Paul Du Noyer's book about Liverpool music from Amazon Marketplace.

So we best have this.

Wondrous indeed.

And not just the quiff.

Billy Fury - 'Wondrous Place' (1960)


  1. It's very ggod, the book I mean. And the quiff.

  2. Oh good. It sounds like just the sort of thing I'm in the mood for.

  3. Excellent I have watched a few programmes recently about this subject.

    What happened to this week's potatie music David did you burn them?

  4. That's a great picture. That's what you'd want to look like if you were in a band isn't it? I mean anybody in general by the way.

    He almost looks like he's stepped out of The Teardrops or The Smiths early days. I guess there was a lot of that going on back then.

    I'm feeling very nostalgic at the moment for the 80s, or at least that side of the 80s that was trying so hard not to be influenced by The Beatles or The Stones or The Clash; the one that gave us Young Marble Giants or the later jazz influenced things, or Morrisey's 60s girl singers obsession.

  5. Alternative histories Simon, innit.

    We were guests at the rellies on Sunday 'Non - so I had a break from roasting duties.

    I love Billy's hair and I love his record.

  6. oh billy - we love billy round here. love him to bits. and i'm still looking for some of those later parlophone singles

  7. Not a connoisseur, sadly old friend, but this I like...

  8. It's a cracking book by the way - I had it as an Xmas present back in 2009. Great sections on 80s and early 90s especially - just not detailed enough for me in some bits but great for wishing you were there at the time!

  9. Yes, I'm finding it good in parts Max, but as you suggest, a bit sketchy/dashed off in others. Have you read his London one? Any good?


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