Friday, November 05, 2010

Searching For The Young Ska Rebels

A bunch of white Brummies singing in cod Jamaican accents notched up a number 25 hit with this Gus 'Space Oddity' Dudgeon-produced blue-eyed ska tune in 1968.

There's a rocking rhythm, pumping Hammond and brio in the brass.

All of which I rather like.

The Locomotive - 'Rudi's In Love' (1968)


  1. oooooooh. i do love a cod accent. i shall look forward to this brightening the start of next week when i get home

  2. But home from where? Truly she is an international woman of mystery, innit.

  3. I saw that! I think by then there were 'musical differences'...

  4. Not one for me Mr H, blue eyed ska is a step to far in my book.

    Hope your bonfire night isn't as soggy as ours up here is, still it is good to be back in civilisation.

    16:28 on a Friday and my work computer is still on, this isn't the way things are suppossed to be. Tanqueray time in half an hour.

    Have a good weekend comrades

  5. I'm going to crack any second and reach for that can of Guinness in the fridge.

  6. When I clocked the first bit I was dreading UB40 - but it's almost Georgie Fame *ooes Macca style thumbs up*

  7. When I say first bit I mean 'A bunch of white Brummies singing in cod Jamaican accents'

  8. It definitely has a touch of the Georgies about it Mond. I also suspect a 15 year old future Midnight Runner living just up the A41 in Wolverhampton would have enjoyed it, hence the post title.

    And yes, I've made them sound like Jim Davidson or something, sorry about that.

  9. Yes I heard Kev straight away but didn't mention as the clue was in the title..

    Word veri= mankersa. Sounds like Son of Mandingo or Drum

  10. Definition of tragicomedy ...

    Visiting a Nursing Home on Bonfire night and sharing a 'sparkler' with a dozen dementia patients.

    Tears, snot, hot dogs, burns, piss and unrelenting unmitigated laughter.

    I could write a book on it all, but I suspect it's already been done.

    May now need to get shedded in the shed with a flask of Lambs Navy Rum.

    Love you all. x

  11. I've got this, it also reminds me of The Equals.


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