Wednesday, November 03, 2010

'I Was Counting On You Being An Insubordinate Bastard, Palmer'

Lovely mini-series over at Drew's on songs that sound like they're from soundtracks to 60s spy films. This really is, of course. It's a great one for playing in your head as you step suited and booted from the train arriving at Platform 17, in my experience.

John Barry - 'The Ipcress File' (1965)


  1. It's that Kerlangy thing again. What is it? Mrs M's just finished his latest biog' loved it. Nice to know It was worth queing up at Waterstones - even if he did forget to put 'Happy Birthday' in the dedi' ...

  2. Shame.

    A bit of digging around suggests the kerlangy thing is an instrument called a cimbalom.


  3. Davy - have you been on those trains in London with a trilby and raincoat again. What have I told you about that? You're not a spy from Min.

    And stop behaving oddly on Waterloo Bridge with a poisoned-tipped umbrella.

  4. I'm stuck in Luton and the bloody work laptop won't let me play this says that it contravines IS security policy, bugger.

  5. Can't be too careful with matters of National Security when Davy's around, Drew.

    Suggest you encrypt. Oh, and avoid the room service onion bahjis which are laced with mercury oxide. And don't answer the door to no cockerney fucker in national health glasses. (Except Chardonnay the Essex call-girl of course).

  6. we nearly got duffed up by the jtq. After they'd played our clubs xmas do i think. Demanded money with menaceses. I had to step in and sort the ruffians out. They won't do that again i can tell ya.


  7. Ms Ally appears to be referring to the JTQ post at Drew's. Sorry for any confusion.

  8. always tricky avoiding confusion when i'm about i'm afraid. it's me advancing years you know....


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