Sunday, November 14, 2010

Potato Roasting Music # 2

In this exciting new series, we post music that sounds good on Sunday whilst a person is roasting potatoes*.

This week -

Davy Graham - 'Anji' (1964)

[*If you ask me, there's too much salt on those]


  1. Mmm they're making me hungry just looking at them. Nice tune too.

  2. You deserve a place on the Potato Advisory Board for the work you're doing with these posts Davy.

  3. Very reminiscent of Jorma Kaukonen’s acoustic style.

  4. Sheesh 'Tog, you're right - I could get this feature sponsored. Nice one.

    Mick - or Jorma Kaukonen’s acoustic style is very reminiscent of this (DG one of the most influential guitar players ever, RIP).

  5. Nice track

    And I agree, too much salt.

    Do you salt your tatties when cooking or as my mother in law does afterwards?

    I find that if you don't do it when cooking you don't get the full flavour of the pomme du terre coming through. But that may be down to being Scottish, apparently we use far too much salt, as we do with so many other things that are not good for us!

  6. Well it's interesting you ask that Drew because today, for the very first time, I sprinkled a little on them as I first put them in the oven, and they were much the better for it, everyone agreed.

    And it's dreich here, so we needed some excitement.

  7. We've had the first of the bloody white stuff!

  8. Glad normal service seems to be really should read this book written around learning Anji..

    A walloping read - trust me you'll love it


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