Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Unforeseen Circumstances

Back before too long I hope.


  1. Take care matey - hope all ok and nothing to serious?

  2. Thanks three.

    My Mum (88 in a month's time) 'may have had' a mini-stroke: she's lost vision in one eye, still at home, seeing Doc today - so I'm thinking I may be Devon-bound at short notice and what with work commits too am not likely to be noodling about here in bloggy-world much this week.

    Don't give up on me, baby x

  3. Take care of you and yours x

  4. So sorry to hear, if you ever need a reviving scoop, curry and a chinwag - shout away

  5. All the best. Thoughts are with you and mum...

  6. Thanks, you are lovely people.

  7. Thinking of you and yours.


    (On a lighter note, my word verification is prnmag. Really??)

  8. Take care Davy.

  9. Ey up H's.

    I've been through the self-same thing this year with the old dad-in-law.

    Although, as he's a widower, it culminated in a move from his little Wiltshire place to a Leeds Nursing Home, where we can now see him daily.

    It's tough mate - no getting away from it, but one you take on the chin. Y'know, 1 day at a time, sweet Jesus.

    Safe driving and toing and froing.

    To all of you ... Love, empathy and a small tincture from me.

  10. I wish we woz all sat in a boozer somewhere with a decent jukey.

    Hope everything is ok matey, now make sure you wave on the way past as you head west.

  11. It may not be as bad as it first seemed, or it may. She's at home, at least for now.

    I like the sound of that boozer with the jukey x

  12. You don't know me Davy but I am a regular reader and admirer of your blog and your mates, who seem like friends now. Never underestimate the power and comradeship of blogs

    In the same boat meself as many are.

    Thinking of you and all

    Much love

    G X

  13. The very best of wishes sent southerly, Mr H.

  14. Keeping good thoughts for you and yours. Hang in there x.

  15. Thanks, you are lovely people all.

    I'm still in London since things with The Aged M seem to have stabilised. We're still not sure if she had a stroke (there are no other visible signs) or whether it's a problem just with the eye. She's back in to the hospital next week, I may go down then.

    As G says (hello G!) many of you are in/have been in this same boat I know - worrying about Aged Ps from a feel a bit useless distance.

    Fingers crossed, perhaps a false alarm.

  16. Inexcusably belated best wishes from me too. Certainly seems like the 40's is the time it changes from them worrying about us to us worrying about them.

  17. Best wishes and fingers crossed.

  18. Trust me to be at the coo's tail. I hope your mother is okay Mr H.


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