Monday, March 05, 2007

I Do Not Like Green Eggs And HEMMM

I hate to second-hand blog, and I honestly promise not to do it again, but I really feel I must pass the word on about this - in which a Highway 61 Revisited era Bob Dylan sings the poems and rhyming stories of, erm, Dr Seuss.


Huge shout out to Jon at Southcoasting for drawing our attention to this.

Anyone know who it is? Weird Al Yankovic again??

Speaking of matters Dylan, here's a little Chumbawamba to get your week off to a 'radical' start.

They're being sniffy about Bob in Don't Look Back of course, but hey! he can take it and so can we.

Chumbawamba - 'Give The Anarchist A Cigarette' (MP3) (from Anarchy - buy).

PS: Dr Seuss's publisher Random House has put together a lovely site in celebration of The Cat In The Hat's 50th birthday here. Fun for all the family!


  1. hey, thANKS for the credit. It really is so so so wonderful that if it came out on CD I might have to buy it...

    I really really really wish it really was Dylan. Unlikely tho' !!

  2. Hey Jon, thanks for stopping by.

    This is marvellous stuff isn't it, right down to the clicks and pops in the 'vinyl'...

    There are MP3 posts of the tracks out there - I found some yesterday though the link has gone again today. Worth a Goggle...