Thursday, March 22, 2007

When You've Got The Looks Then The Rest Just Works

90s movie icon; Stateside shoegaze classic.

Delaware is criminally in need of reissue on CD.

Drop Nineteens - 'Winona' (1992)


  1. *sigh*. Some eejit here nicked my copy of 'reality bites' the other year, I need to go shopping.

  2. *sigh* that photo.

    The song, strangely, has never been able to move me.

  3. She is the definition of gorgeous in this pic isn't she. It was taken at her shoplifting 'trial'. Free Winona!

  4. Free Winona!

    Can I have some?

  5. ooooh yes.

    i saw the drop nineteens play in edinburgh on the tour that was showcasing this wonderful album.

    must have been 1992.

    and it was one cool show.

    moment: lights went down and they all trooped on stage (except greg a) and about three minutes into an extended intro song ('delaware' the song, I think) greg jumps out of the packed crowd onto the stage, picks up guitar from edge of stage in a kinda mid-jump/flip over security railings and times his first line just perfectly to the mic...

    it really was just about the coolest thing i'd ever seen up to that point in my 21 yr old life...


    but, obviously, i'd much prefer a date with winona...


    [and what an opening line this song has: 'there's a gap in the 20th century...']

    wow. all there is to know...

  6. Oh, I LOVE those 'coups de theatre' at gigs. My fave was The Jesus And Mary Chain at ULU in about 1989. They bludgeoned us into stunned submission with seriously bad ass rock ‘n’ roll for a whole forty (!) minutes before climaxing way before time with '(Kill) Surf City' which ripped itself to a violent end in a squall of shrieking feedback, retina-scorching arc lights and Jim Reid diving head first into the crowd leaving his guitar bust and screeching on the stage.


    No encore.


    Happy days.

  7. 40 minutes. No fucking way. The one and only time I saw them play lasted 23 and a bit minutes! You lucky, lucky thing (or did they just play the same set twice?)


  8. 'Darklands' was out. They obviously felt the need to do a Springsteen-esque 'long' set. Hah!


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