Friday, March 09, 2007

My Whole Life Stretches In Front Of Me

Today I walked past those buds I knew I could not hasten to bloom. And look at them now.

David Sylvian - 'Brilliant Trees' (1984)
Weekend - 'Leaves Of Spring' (1982)



  1. Nice photo.

    Cold and grey up here with no colours yet breaking out in the garden.

  2. JC, I recommend a dose of 'You Can Never Hold Back Spring' by Tom Waits, more groovy gigs at Barrowlands and perhaps an early night now and then. Look forward to your 'first shoots' pic appearing on TVV soon.

  3. snowed today. Sunday 18th march.

    will this torment never end?

  4. London is promised the same for later this week (which here of course means ten minutes of vaguely sleety stuff and three days of 'misery for thousands of commuters' blah blah blah). Rough winds do indeed shake the darling buds of, er, March....(Ha! Do you remember The Darling Buds?!).

  5. That is a gorgeous photo. So pretty.


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