Friday, June 15, 2007

Get The Funk In Here Some More!

There's a Minnie Riperton link too to our Friday funk-out in this North London 'nu jazz' collective's 1998 cover of her song, originally from Come Into My Garden.

I thought the vocal had to be sampled when I first heard this, so spookily close is lead Carina Andersson to the original; but the production here is shiny new - and I love the way the whole thing builds to that great big, elatory chorus.

Peace and love and happiness eh maaan?

4Hero - 'Les Fleur' (1998)

Available here; 4Hero on MySpace here. The original Riperton album, produced and scored by Rotary Connection's Charles Stepney, and a real cracker, is here.


  1. Great track! Thanks for sharing it

  2. Glad you like, Monkey.

    Have just stopped by your blog and am liking the Floyd posts - and eclectic approach in general - v.much.

    Similar 'no rules' policy here, so do keep dropping in...

    Have linked to you ; )

  3. Thanks for the link! :)

    I would return the favor but unfortunately only lets me link to other blogs.


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