Monday, June 04, 2007

A Slow Burner

Are some of your favourite albums the ones that weren't instant hits with you? The ones that weren't obvious, that didn't leap out at you the first time you played them? But that you came back to - just now and then at first, then more frequently, then a lot? And then they ended up Albums Of Your Life?

This was one for me.

I know it's an acknowledged classic and all, but when I got it last summer except for 'May You Never' which I already knew (and which is arguably the best song about friendship ever written - discuss) it just didn't especially gel with me. It moved to the bottom of the 'new and special' CDs pile on the shelf by the stereo, and it even got a bit dusty for a while. Other purchases outstripped it in plays and re-plays ten-to-one.

But then, not so long ago...

And again, more recently...

And now....

Bloody brilliant. And seriously chilled (Stoned? Well yes, but in a really good, 4am kinda way).

So once again I discover - some things take time, and those things are usually the best things, and you shouldn't just attend to the things that shout the loudest.

John Martyn - 'Solid Air' (1973)
John Martyn - 'Over The Hill' (1973)
John Martyn - 'May You Never' (1973)

(More about John Martyn here; his own website here. Buy Solid Air here).


  1. may you never makes me cry.

  2. Solid Air is right gorgeous! Him and Pearls Before Swine should have jammed.
    Enjoying the blog over yonder in Vancouver, btw...

  3. Thanks Christopher, nice to be reaching British Columbia.

    You've set me off on a trail for Pearls Before Swine now, since I know them not.


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