Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why Not Call Up Robin Hood?

I have an overnight stay in Nottingham tonight because I'm working there early tomorrow.

I don't know the city well, though I have been there before. I remember a devilish one-way system, some quite leafy suburbs, a big castle and lots of students. Oh, and Robin Hood mallarkey all over the place.

Any advice on what I should do with my evening?

If this is still a '0 Comments' post by 8pm, I shall be forced to watch England struggle to beat Estonia from my bland hotel room. *sob*.

Richard Hawley - 'Hotel Room' (2005)
New Order - 'In A Lonely Place' (1981)

(from this and this respectively).


  1. I can't remember what it's called, but there's an italian restaurant on a corner between the city and Trent Bridge cricket ground. Whatever you do, don't go there.

    The old trip to jerusalem, or whatever it's called, is kind of obvious but very nice nevertheless - I reckon a pint out on the grass on a sunny evening would be a pretty fine way to pass the time.

    And it seems that The Only Ones are playing at Rock City tonight too!

  2. That's 'Time Out' quality stuff there Crash, thanks. Saw a piece about 'The Old Trip...'in The Grauniad this weekend and thought then it looked good.

    The Only Ones! Ha!

  3. engurland engurland engur oh for gawd sakes. i can't bear to watch it. we've just got a bit of sky telly so i'll be flicking channels annoying the hell out of the mrs.
    that pub was full of horrors on my only visit to robin hood ville. although i do like a bit of robin hood. that one with with sean connery and audrey hepburn is brilliant.

  4. Go Beckham!

    (And I say that, of course, as a Scot - but only because we managed to beat the mighty Faroe Islands!)

  5. Thought you'd like to know what happened in the end...

    1) Got there late and needed to eat, so had fish 'n' chips and a cold beer in the hotel bar watching Engerland with other dispossessed persons. It was actually bearable for once Ally,as you will have found if the Mrs let you watch; and Gawd Bless Becks Colin, you're right. Scotland! The Faroes were as flies to your wanton boys!

    2) After that I thought I'd go out at look at Nottingham, but it seemed to be closed.

    3) Crash, the Rock City was right behind my hotel! It was too late to go to the gig, but I did think about sneaking in through the open doors. However the sight of a big fat baldy bouncer-type bloke just inside deterred me somewhat.I could hear the music, but it didn't sound like The Only Ones. Mind you, what do The Only Ones sound like in 2007? Bruce & Rick 'From The Jam' (sic) are playing there in December if anyone's interested (no, thought not).

    4) There's still a lot of Robin Hood mallarkey about. I think that they should move on, frankly.

    5) It's good to be back in London.

    Thanks all x

  6. All in all it could have been a lot worse then?!?

    London. Can't beat it, really.

    (I'm an ex-Camden kind of geezer - PhD fieldwork duties saw me living/working in that part of the old smoke for a wee while)

  7. Which makes me think of

    'I'm a guy from Camden Town
    My hair is curly but I gel it down
    My clothes are black but my bread is brown
    I'm really INTO early Motown'

    ; )

  8. Brilliant. That clothes and bread line has always been a very firm favourite of mine.


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