Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some Songs For Summer

I made this little playlist last summer and turned it into a CD for my mate Marty. Since then, whenever a hot sun has shone by day, all day - or there has been a warm, hazy evening and a good sunset - I have played it. And it's just seemed to, I dunno, work...

Let me say that it was compiled with a real STINKER in mind - you know, the kind of stacked summer day when just to move is a sketch; a sultry piece - all still. So hot even the cicadas have shut down, it's siesta time, all quiet, nothing doin'. An occasional fly buzzing maybe.

Well...we don't get too many days like that in these islands - just now and then perhaps, and the rest of the time we dream. Or enlarge our carbon footprints by jet-stepping to warmer places...

Anyway. Thinking about it and playing it (again) this week, it seemed to me that it pretty much contains all of the kindamusics that animate this Ghost thing week in, week out. A little bit of cosy indie (from Norwegians! Again!) , some heartful soul/funk, an ambient/Balearic vibe, some blissed-out prog and folk.

I hope you like it and it helps your summer along.

Of course it's made to be listened to right through, in sequence - and ideally in sunshine. But if you pick off just one or two tracks and play them in the rain, that's OK too. Obviously.

Some Songs For Summer
Kings Of Convenience - 'Gold In The Air Of Summer' (2004)
Elcho - 'Lazy Summer Days' (2005)
Rotary Connection - 'I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun' (1971)
Shrift - 'Lost In A Moment' (2006)
Ibizarre - 'The Summer Song' (2001)
Kings Of Convenience - 'Summer On The Westhill' (2001)
Pink Floyd - 'A Pillow Of Winds' (1971)
John Martyn - 'Small Hours' (1977)

Get the Kings Of Convenience here; John Martyn here and Elcho from this. The genius of Rotary Connection (featuring Minnie Riperton) here, Ibizarre here and Shrift here. Pink Floyd here - thanks Alex for filling the gaps in 'Meddle' x.
Picture taken somewhere near Windsor, Berkshire, England - 13.06.07 , just before lunchtime by me from my bike on a Big Ride from London.


  1. Aaah! The summer of 2006 and the perfect backing track. I heartily recommend!

  2. I've never heard Rotary Connection before so I thought I'd give it a go. Good stuff! Reminds me a bit of 5th Dimension only more (struggles to think of word) out there, I guess.

  3. Out there, oh yes...Really glad you like Mick.

    As for you Marty - hugs, you tart.


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