Monday, June 25, 2007

Past Meets Present

As his regular readers will know, the inestimable Colin from And Before The First Kiss is away at the moment, but as he has been a tireless and sincere champion of the music of Robert Wratten I'd like to think of him as a benevolent and groovy spirit at the table of this post.

I mentioned back here that I'd been listening to a lot of The Field Mice lately - it was Colin's samples that got me downloading from emusic and elsewhere - and I've also been tracking down and loving the music Wratten made post-Field Mice with Northern Picture Library and, now, Trembling Blue Stars.

Well, a story that began for me as a paddle into the back catalogue (I still don't know why I didn't hear of and hear Wratten's 90s music at the time) has come bang up to date now with the release of a new album from Trembling Blue Stars called The Last Holy Writer and my purchase of same using the quaint method of (ah! nostalgia!) handing over a few grubby fivers in a high street record shop.

It is a work of melancholy loveliness and I think this is the best thing on it...

Trembling Blue Stars - 'Idyllwild' (2007)

Given those lyrics - A song on the radio/Makes you shiver/You want to curl into a ball/Makes you want to be 17/And forget the future's shrinking - it's spooky that the song reminds me so much musically and thematically of this...

Weekend - 'Past Meets Present' (1982)

...a single I bought when I was - 17.

Time flies swift as an arrow. Indeed.

[Trembling Blue Stars MySpace is here - look out for free downloads now and then - and the new album is here and other places. The pre-history of Bobby Wratten and his music is here. Oh, and you can get the Weekend track on this. Yes, yes Young Marble Giants - but let's get the Weekend revival going now].


  1. i really like the first couple of weekend singles but then they kind of drifted off. never heard of the other lot so i'm looking forward to some new listening.
    i'm still trying the beach boys stuff too and i think i'm getting there...

  2. I'll certainly sign-up to benevolent and groovy.


    You are far too kind.

    It is quite lovely to see so much love going out to Robert and all he does (and he does deserve it).


    Word verification is: haikoa (and how could it not be?)

  3. Ah yes, Haikoa - 'Greetings' in Tongan. Probably.


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