Sunday, May 25, 2008


Come down
Your tea's on the table
Seems to matter anymore

And if you're good we'll go out on Sunday
Spend the whole day thinking of you
Take you sailing across the water
To a faraway place

When life was lovely
Was captured in your smile

When we were young and life was hopeful
No-one threatened our existence
We were laughing
They couldn't stop us
No-one in the world

The Jam - 'No-One In The World' (demo) (1980)


  1. I meant to open up for the day yesterday with something but completely forgot until it was too late to sort it. Ah well, i'll have to do something for his 60th. Happy birthday boy wonder.

  2. I knew you wouldn't let us down. I was also going to mark the curmudgeonly old bugger's 50th in some way but I couldn't get near the computer yesterday. For personal reasons my chosen song would havee been 'Shout To The Top'.

  3. is it just me or are all these files some funny format my stupid machine can't do ?

  4. Shouldn't be Ally, no...unless your interwebby provider is blocking Mediafire??

  5. they're coming out as things just with a number on - this one is 10 - i'll get the mrs on it...

  6. maybe it a mediafire thing but i've got to fiddle with the files to get them to do stuff... done now anyway thanks to my clever mrs. i just wish he'd sort his bleedin' hair out.

  7. I am sorry you have been troubled Miss Ally. He has awful hair now.

  8. Good choice of song our kid.

    Although Weller sees it as just another day - which is fair enough - I reckon it's a birthday we can SHARE with some justification.

    Just as the big birthday numbers for the likes of Dylan, Jagger, Bowie, Rod Stewart (and the like) manifest a collective sigh from those that 'grew up' with them, so it should be for us.

    I first saw PW live when he was 19. He was the bristling bass broom that swept away the crap and the cobwebs. The very idea of letting the fans in to The Jam soundchecks was inspired.

    We loved his cocksure ability to seemingly plot an escape route away from The Numbers. I for one shared most of his early dreams.

    The years and decades tumbled and, just like our own, the moods swung and the direction was often mis-guided. However, as time passes, the optimism and the hope and the loving and the happiness should always win - over the wasteland, the nightmares, the next generation of emotionally crippled, and, the kick in the balls ... and the barnet! Ha!

    It would be churlish to begrudge him his millions and I trust that he still has 'classic' material within him.

    All in all, just like he was an awkward big brother, I wish the old fucker well as, on many occasions, I may have been somewhat lost without him.

  9. nice work. was reading about the new album today and thinking about booking tix for his melbourne show in august. oh, and listening to 'shout to the top' again. and 'running on the spot.'

  10. Golly! This passed me by, which is a little sad. Still odd how news about the Boy Wonder produces a tingle of expectation. As a young lad he was every bit the hero (even the hair. Especially the hair!). Even when he was making very average music in TSC, he was still the epitome of cool for me. And now I find that the anticipation remains. Haven't heard it, but his latest offering, apparently is quite good.

    All power to his elbow. And a thank you for the memories.


  11. and, natch, 'precious.'

    where the jam went all jackson 5 on yo ass.

  12. I just wish I'd kept the candy striped sweet paper bag around my copy of 'The Gift', bought the day it came out in SOUNDZ Records, Paignton...

  13. Lovely and very appropriate. Thank you.

  14. Miss Parker you are welcome are Welcome.

    Guys, meet Miss Parker - Miss Parker, meet the guys.

  15. You know, I may still have that candy coloured wrapper...


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