Friday, May 09, 2008

Rosado Time

It's rosado time in London, England - the sun is bright and the temperature's high.

Continuing our Brazilian theme, here are some Latin-inflected Housey bar tunes in a handy takeaway threepack, just for you.

Be gentle with me pro-mixers, it's my first time.

Davy H's Latin House Threepack (Just For You) (mp3)

S.Tone Inc - 'Saudade' (1999)
Ian Pooley (featuring Rosanna & Zelia) - 'Coracao Tambor' (2000)
Can 7 - 'Cruisin' (2000)


  1. Viva Brazilia - oh yes right up my Ipanema - excellent work, I can see a future in this you know - so what software are you using? There's some great freebie bits floating round on the net

    The Hotel Costes albums are great for playing around for with this sort of vibe too

  2. Mond, I'm using Ye Bogge Standarde freebie Audacity mallarkey, and still trying to work it all out, frankly. Is it any good or is it a bunch of arse? What would you recommend? When it comes right on down to it, I just want to do what you can do with records - overlap the end of one over the beginning of another, brilliantly (and look a hero) x

  3. I've never used Audacity, but it's certainly doing the trick so far - one thing that's really useful is a beatmixing option where you synch the speed of tracks on the overlap. There's some freebie stuffware that does this - can't remember the name though

    I use Ableton which is brill' once you know the basics (they're all on youtube)- If you want a copy drop me a line (details are on my sidebar) and I'll sort you one out


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