Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Derek Runs The Numbers

That nice chap Derek from the Computer Room (pictured here with the lovely Maureen from Personnel) has been crunching my stats all week and I'm thrilled to report that according to his very impressive 'print-outs' The View From Her Room by Weekend has been by far the most downloaded record I have posted recently, which just goes to show 1) what great taste you all have (hurrah!) and 2) how infernally difficult it is to get hold of. Probably.

Lots of people elbowed their way in to grab the Coldplay too, but that's to be expected and I don't imagine many of them stuck around for a cup of tea and a chat afterwards; it's click and Save Target As and not so much as a by-your-leave from those people, I can tell you (me, I've played that song about, ooohhh......twice).

Much more pleasingly, Mr Roy Harper's lovely song came in third by number of downloads, and according to Derek many more of you than I'm sure would publicly admit it have clearly been enjoying 'The Captain Of Her Heart' by Double. Good for you!

Anyway, acoustic lo-fi things from studenty British girls in charity shop dresses on small, independent record labels circa 1982-3 always seem to find an appreciative audience here. Quite rightly.

So here's another.

Marine Girls - 'Don't Come Back' (1983)

I've just ordered this, so there's a good chance there'll be some new-old Alison Statton here soon. And it's Eurovision on Saturday and the French are singing a good record in English! Can we stand the excitement?!


  1. Sandie Shaw doing The Smiths was my most downloaded recently, followed by that nice guy Kevin Rowland. So barefoot square jaw girls and hiccuping curly haired fellows around my neck of the woods...

    Funny though, some of the other stuff I post probably only gets touched by the people who comment...!

  2. Just realised I already own the French eurovision entry. It's on Tellier's recent album (which is very very good)...

    The video's good too, reminds me of The Royal Tennenbaums...

  3. i never look and reckon it's pretty much you lot which is fine by me what with y'all being fine upstanding citizens and all. the captain of her heart has been on the i pot constantly along with roy and hell everything else you waggle in your window.
    ps - are you one of them sidekichs what can read minds ? first harold now the marine girls...

  4. I think Derek is saying to Maureen, "Isn't she a beaut?"
    To which Mo is thinking, "For fuck's sake, you boring twat. I'm looking forward to a bit of rough tonight with Dave The Rave from the warehouse.

    Ally's right. When it's served up by 'the discerning contingent', even when I aint never heard it before, I expect to like it.
    The Mr Roy song and Weekend were jolly fine indeed. I even tried to pass constructive comment on the Coldplay ker-plunker.

    Is it worth betting a shilling or 2on the French entry for Eurovision then? Were it an 'eastern-bloc' country effort, it would be a shoo-in. Having seen a bit of the semi-final last night, I find it all a bit scary.

  5. Like Simon, I really like it - it gets my douze points. Will it win? Not unless us, the French, the Germans, Belgians, Spanish, Maltese and so on form a voting bloc to rival the Baltics, Balkans and Eastern Europeans. I really think it's the best Eurovision entry for...oh God, decades.

    I'll shut up now since I'm starting to sound a bit too knowledgeable about all this.

    Thank you Sir Richard for your kind words and Ally, I'll keep waggling then, eh?


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