Friday, May 09, 2008

Isto e um repost

Mondo's been airing his Brazilian Wax and now everyone wants a go. I'd missed the last shards of direct sunlight last night by the time I'd got barefoot in the garden and poured the rosado but with the air warm I could still open all the windows and shove this on the stereo nice and loud. So I did.

It's my second ever re-post here, but it's a so this time of year and type of weather record and it also seems kind of apt in this funny week in our corner of the interweb when so many companeros have been busy or away and balls of tumbleweed have blown through many a blog.

If it has been a hard day's night give thanks my friends, for the short week is done and your Friday is already here, amen.

Joyce (& Banda Maluca) - 'A Hard Day's Night' (2003)


  1. 've just dug out the femina lp for more joycing. high quality.

  2. I know this isn't you because you wouldn't have a horrid chrome record player like that x

  3. That is gorgeous - I'll have to grab a copy, have you heard the Goldie Hawn version? And how about this a cocktail samba rework of 'Things We Said Today' - by London Jazz

    PS ordered up that Terry and June CD from the good people at Caimen

  4. That cocktail samba thing's a cheesefest!! Really hope you like the Tom & Joyce (different Joyce - French, amazingly).

  5. Hmmm. Not sure I agree with all this airing of the brazilians. It's a bit disconcerting having to avert my eyes when I approach a blog.

  6. Davey - give this a spin if you get the chance - I got asked to do a mix with a cosmo/international type vibe. It's in similar territory to Tom, both Joyces and Patrica Marx - haven't blogged it yet, but give a taste test here, ideal for long hot weekends - but you may have to be patient with divshare though..

  7. PM, I'm about halfway through and LOVING IT. It's BRILLIANT!

  8. Awww thanks - I did it about a year ago in Ableton (hearing it again I can see where I could trim and tweak a bit), these sort of tunes have built in swooshy swirling endings/beginnings which are great for mixing together..

    You should be able to download via the link to save any stuttery streaming


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