Thursday, May 01, 2008

If Johnson Wins Today, Will The Last Person To Leave London Please Turn Off The Lights?

Elvis Presley - 'A Mess Of Blues' (1960)

Please nooooooooooohhhh!!!!!!!


  1. If ever there was an embodiment of the fact that modern politics is based primarily around celebrity rather than the ability to actually behave like an adult then it is this fucking bozo.

    The man's a clown and it should be a fucking embarrassment that he is even close to contending in this election.

  2. God help us if this man gets in. Vote Ken but if you really can't vote Green!

    I have voted to day but in the Assembly elections I have had to not vote for Labour. Our most corrupt councillor has stood and there is no way I would vote for him

  3. He's just like Patrick Moore, and who'd elect him

  4. I'm actually quite worried. A lot of people I know are thinking that it's time for a change, so I think there could be quite a lot of wasted votes. But I can't believe there are still people who would let a tory run anything.

    As my mum is fond of saying the only thing they can run is the country into the ground.

    Up The Tooting Front!!!

  5. I've worked with and for local politicians of all hues for 20+ years in various places in Scotland. Sadly, Matthew has got it spot on with his observation. I'm totally disillusioned with it all.

    Not enough of us pay proper attention to politics and our colective apathy has allowed personalities and jokes to become acceptable (for fuck's sake, a football mascot got elected Mayor of Hartlepool a few years ago....).

    If BJ wins (and it seems he has a chnce as folk seem to think Ken has had his time and anyone else will do) then you can bet that various other idiotic rent-a-gobs will soon be put forward by the various parties at by-elections and so forth.

    Gawd help us all.

  6. Living in turkey, there are some things I just don't miss about Britain, this cretin being one of them.

    Check out your namecheck on the podcast...

  7. Respect is due. And crikey, but you're right about the French grammar too. Bugger.

  8. You're all cock on.

    I spent 16 long hrs as a Polling Clerk yesterday. (I'm 'between jobs' you know). In that time, in my particular rotten borough, just 20%of the electorate bothered to turn up to place a cross/ tick/ 'fuck u all' mark on the voting card. (I know, cos I went on to count the fuckers today). I would say that I saw no more than 6under 25s who bothered to vote out of 3,000 on the list.

    The whole day was a microcosm of the UK today; Infirm old folk turned up to ensure that they voted in a traditional manner, Loonies turned up to ensure they 'spoiled' their card, disillusioned 40 somethings with tats to shove a cross in the BNP box, ladies with a blue rinse to match the blue rosette of a Tim Nice But Dim Tory boy.

    Had it not been for the Penelope Keith-type Returning Officer making me laugh, I woulda gone to the pub by 6.

  9. They might as well get the Krankies to run for the Scottish Parliament. Sadly it might actually work.

    Actually, as a statement of 'You are not doing the job we think you should be doing and we do not respect you any more' to incumbent politicians, electing the Krankies might be a very good move.

  10. My 'contact' at the beeb broke the news a good six hours before it was announced so the blow was softened (a bit).

    'Wha...?, What happened, gosh, did I win? Gosh, Errr, right, hic, better do something then, errr, gosh...'.

  11. It's not much better in South Korea, if that's any consolation.
    Poor old Boris couldn't even stand up to the team captains on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Tosser.


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