Friday, May 30, 2008

Feeling Supersonic...

Ah, so there you are, I've been expecting you. You're just in time to join me for a spiffingly thirst-quenching gin and tonic to celebrate the official start of Friday night (remember, it's always five o'clock somewhere): personally I like mine Spanish-style in a tall glass with a ton of both gin and tonic poured over crushed ice, and a good slice of fresh lemon on the top. I'll concede that lime's OK, but spare me the 'slimline' tonic perlease.

Now, where's that official-start-of-Friday-night record we mentioned earlier in the week...?

Aha! It's right here...


The Jones Girls - 'Nights Over Egypt' (1981)


  1. Hola tio! Large slice of lime smothered in ice. Vodka poured liberally over both with a generous splash of tonic (not slimline, de acuerdo).

    Every Friday's welcome to the weekend.


  2. I prefer coffee. But, hey, what a mighty song you posted to go with your sundowner. The Jones Girls are not widely remembered, sadly. They had some great tunes. Had they been around 15 years later (in the En Vogue/SWV era), they would've been absolutely huge.

  3. Nice! Just what I needed!

  4. Most civilised old boy - don't mind if I do. I'll pull up a rattan chair alongside and light a Condor. Sorry I'm a tad late, been pruning the hardy annuals. It's been a gay day. Time for a gay Gordons. Splashed some 4-in-1 on the faithful sacateurs. Frosted glass? Oh no. Now let's spin that vinyl.

    Schhhhh, plink plink fizz. I have a war story or two. Mind those lemon pips. Throat like a badger's arse. After all is said and done; we mustn't let the sun go down on the Empire.

    What ho. Cheers to you all!

  5. Could a chap wish for finer compadres than you?

    He could not x

  6. A prog rock bore writes: “There’s a brief snippet between 21 and 26 seconds (on the version I’ve got) that always reminds me of Long Distance Runaround by Yes.” I’m sure you noticed it too.

  7. *they watch as a ball of tumbleweed blows silently through the blog*

  8. Yeah, that'll happen if you post jazz....

  9. "India won again Fawlty".
    "Did it Major, did it?"

    Not only does the quinine in tonic water keep the biting insects away, it also acts as a muscle relaxant. Rupert told me that in the Punjab in '39. I woke up clutching an empty Bombay Saphire bottle with a bastard of a headache, a sore balloon knot and covered in what he called 'Juniper Juice'.

  10. I can only echo Mr. H: Could a chap wish for finer compadres than you?

    (Em, perhaps all together Stateside at 10:57 PM?)

    I dig the prog changes at the intro....or maybe that's my rum and cokes?

  11. Who let the prog in the door? Fire your security!!!


  12. i don't even like gin and tonic and now I want one!

  13. if slimline's good enough for arthur daley it's good enough for me


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