Friday, May 23, 2008

Too Hip For Eurovision

OK, so here it is and you have just over 36 hours to grow to love it and tell all your friends to vote, vote, vote for it, though I reckon you'll only need 3 minutes, such is its electropop Beach Boys loveliness.

For me, it really does join the mere handful of half-decent pop songs ever entered for the annual fete de fromage.

Sebastien Tellier - 'Divine' (2008)

Though I have fond memories of this and Auntie Barbara liking it, it's pretty cringeworthy now...

...and I still remember this despite myself (45p from Ronnie's in Torquay Market, but isn't Lynsey De Paul a proto Kate Bush here??...And check out Ronnie 'Steed' Hazlehurst!)...

....and I really only like 'Waterloo' so much because of this ('you're terrible Muriel')... all know by now that it's Vicky that does it for me every time and damn it, but I'm going to re-post her.

Vicky Leandros - 'Apres Toi' (1972)

Meanwhile, with the weather outside set to be traditionally UK Bank Holiday-esque this weekend (i.e. it will piss down), I shall be pouring a defiant rosado, spinning this solid gold nu-Balearic classic and transporting myself back to Cafe Mambo in 2005, sand in my toes, salt in the air and hope in my heart.

Douze points!

Sebastien Tellier - 'La Ritournelle' (2005)


  1. I like it reminds me of Phoenix - remember them? The pop part of the French Disco - Air/Daft Punk/Modjo set

  2. Guess what I've been listening to this week? Sebastien's album....
    and la ritournelle is one of my favourite tunes of the last ten years easily...funnily enough I was going to post it myself tomorrow....I had a little french posting planned myself...

  3. But I did have a certain fondness for some of Bucks Fizz songs...and Cheryl and Jay....I've never forgotten some of the outfits those two used to wear!

  4. My Lovely Wife says Cheryl Baker was the smelly kid at school. She didn't go to school with her, so how she knows this is a mystery.

  5. She did go to school with Greta Scacchi though.

  6. oh dear. Greta. Bucks Fizz girls, french music, Ally's posting of scooter girls. I'm coming over all peculiar. I must have a lie down....

  7. is it just me or does dana look scarily like that irish girls aloud ? in a step back in time to more innocent days with the odd pie kind of a way ?

  8. That French song sounds a bit synthpop. Does anyone still listen to that stuff?: )

    You can’t beat a bit of Vicky. You might like this. It’s Vicky from 1968 singing Les Temps Des Fleur, a song more associated with Mary Hopkin in the UK. I’d post it on my blog but I can’t be arsed.

  9. That's exactly the kind of motivational verve your new employer is looking for dear boy.

    You spoil me; it's lovely, thanks.

    'The odd pie' indeed....Miss Ally, you do make I laugh.

  10. You realise, of course, that you've forgotten the best ever Eurovision song.

  11. I love Eurovision. In the same way you like to scratch a mosquito bitten lump on yer ankle.

    Smashing footage of the lovely young Dana. (Auntie Barbara was right). How the whole Contest thing was so understated then - like the song itself. These days the victorious act (Balkan transvestite spaceman covered in cottage cheese) would be festooned in gold tinsel, EU bunting and dancing skeletons.

    Sinead O'C and Terry Hall did a nice version of the tune I recall.

    Ally - she does have the cheekbones of the Girls Aloud colleen - but in a more virgo intactico mummy's potato pie way. Little sign of any political ambition on display. More, 'Get me off this stage, and keep those dirty large feckin' lapelled sideburn merchants off me'.

  12. Oh will you not have a cop of tea Father, go ahn go ahn.

  13. No thanks, Mrs Doyle, I'm after a chat with Miss Clarke


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