Monday, November 24, 2008

The Legacy Continues

Since it is a traditionally dull and drizzly London Monday here I figured a dash of alternative (Canadian!) hip-hop with a Caribbean vibe might brighten things up a tad.

Dream Warriors were most famous for their 'My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style' hit based on a (substantial) sample from Quincy Jones 'Soul Bossa Nova', but I always also liked this follow up that tipped the wink to their West Indian family and musical roots. So it was fun to find it for 50p a few weeks ago in a local charity shop.

For the uninitiated...

1. Those crackles are supposed to be there (how very arch)

2. Ludi is Ludo (of course) - a game I spent most of my childhood playing too*

Dream Warriors - 'Ludi (original mix)' (1991)

*actually if you played it with my Dad he would make you follow the rules of a variant called Uckers which he learned in the Navy. It is somewhat ruthless and used to make me cry.


  1. In Germany we played a simplified version of Ludo called Mensch ärgere Dich nicht (loosely translated as Don't get pissed off, man). I still have the old board games, and play it with my son sometimes. I don't let him win because the little shit doesn't need my help.

    If I remember correctly, the members of ABBA are playing the Swedish version in the video for The Name Of The Game (their best song, in my view). Agnetha looks her loveliest in that video, and the room they're in -- in, I think, Bjorn and Agnetha's house -- looks very lovely and homely indeed.

  2. A German language/culture lesson, ABBA/Agnetha reference and Ludo link all in one comment. Top stuff Major!

  3. PS: Of course Frustration was only Ludo really, but that popping dice thing made it all so much more rewarding...

  4. Mmmm... members of ABBA playing Ludo, especially the non-beardie ones.

    I went to see this band in Bradford, and very thrilled they were to be there too.

  5. And so they should have been.

  6. Boombastic "wash your face in my sink" brings back memories of a holiday in Croyde driving around the lanes trying to get our first born off to sleep.

    Agree with the Major re the best Abba song being The Name Of The Game - and that song always reminds me of sitting on the benches in front of the old West Stand at Stamford Bridge waiting for kick off. They always played some pretty good stuff over the tannoy.

    Wasn't a big fan of Ludo myself, found it a bit boring.

  7. Yes, I think that's why those cheeky sailors invented Uckers.

  8. Love the other Dream warriors songs mentioned but haven't heard this. Will be downloading it then - thanks!

  9. I think it's what you might call 'atypical' Dane - and yet it has a wonky calypso charm all of its own...


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