Sunday, November 16, 2008

Le Depart

The small tree outside our house earlier this week; the little London street I'm leaving for another full on working week and five nights in the 'functional' hotel room in the moonstruck outer limits of Zurich CH.

I'll have my eyes on the prize, which is a large and lovely gin and tonic with sliced lemon and crushed ice in the swish cocktail piano bar at Zurich Airport at about 6pm on Friday as I wait for my flight back home.

See you next weekend x

Coldcut - 'Autumn Leaves (Irresistible Force Full Chill Mix)' (1993)


  1. Not to worry kiddo.

    Going away never gets any easier. As I spent so long in the RAF, I know that feeling in the stomach on a sunday afternoon as the sun sets.

    Being apart from loved ones reminds us of what we have when we are all back together.

    How many Euros do they charge you for that swish Swiss swizz of a G&T?

    And don't get talking to no intelligence gathering Eastern European femme fatales in furry hats.

    Tara cock.

  2. Ah, thanks Dickie. Swiss Francs over there dear boy. Two to the pound. Top Tip on the furry hats, I'll bear that in mind. Toodle pip.

  3. Dammit, your post Dicks comment has given me a mental image of the fountain in the Champions. Right country but wrong city I think. I'm a bit late with this comment so if you're reading it on a laptop in your functional hotel room I hope it's not too dreary. We're all looking forward to some Friday Funk.

  4. I always appreciate home more when I come back, but usually it's only 2 or 3 days for me.
    Never been to Zurich but spent time in Geneva and Montreux bored out of my skull.
    Re your G&T, found the most amazing tonic recently called "Fever Tree", never thought I could get enthused about a mixer but this stuff is the business, don't think the Swiss will be in on the secret yet, so will probably have to wait 'til you get home.
    Safe back.

    word verification - poota, what my 5 year old calls the computer.

  5. keep calm and carry on as the teatowel tells me sweet cheeks. i don't know how you manage though really i don't. i've only ever missed one night in all the years with my one and i was drugged to pieces in hospital so it doesn't really count and she works from a corner of the living room so i see her all day too. which is blooming lovely. i'm off friday so see you in a couple of weeks dearie. be good.

  6. It has warmed my lonely, cold, Swiss-locked heart to pick up your lovely comments here.

    The G&T and weekend frolics get closer and I am following the tea towel advice.Today I had a passable few hours 'at leisure' mooching about Zurich Proper: very lovely Chagall windows in the Frau Munster (that needs an umlaut but I can't do one on this pesky phone pad).

    Have a ripping time in the US Miss Ally x

  7. Chagall windows eh! What the ...

    And I think I went out with Frau Munster once.

    Just heard that old song by Wavelength called 'Hurry Home'. Do you remember it?

    And take your shoes off when lying on the Hotel Bastardos bed.

  8. Friday 21st Nov,1700h Swiss time. I am in that bar, that pianist is playing, that G&T is slipping down.

    I may not make the disco post deadline tonight, but I'm dancing inside.

  9. PS - spookily and perfectly as I wrote that she played 'Autumn Leaves'....


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