Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bohannon! Bohannon!

If I could play the electric guitar* I wouldn't half mind making a noise like the bloke on this with it.

Hamilton Bohannon - 'Foot Stompin' Music' (1975)

* I did once buy a nice red one from a shop in Tooting; I was thrilled skinny with it, but after six months had only managed five chords. I know, The Ramones only needed three. Maybe I just picked the wrong five.


  1. This is the flaw in the whole punk ‘anyone can form a band’ theory; they plainly can’t. It always annoyed me that a boorish prick like Steve Jones (or almost any punk guitarist) could at least get some sort of noise out of a guitar yet a nice relatively refined and intelligent young lad like me couldn’t get a squeak out of it. [/rant]

  2. um...I've been working unsociable hours and feeling sorry for myself.

  3. Stop that right now Mick. I've had a big tooth out. Huge molar thing. You know, that upper left 6. The oblong fucker that does all the chomping.

    Welsh twitching lunatic dentist left a cavernous hole the size of Mount Popacatapetal.

    Took 3 pints of Timothy Taylor in the Black Bull Otley to stem the gushing.

    Going for a lie down now with Dusty Springfield, Richard Hawley and a lump of soggy red gauze.

    Oh the pain!

  4. So sorry you have been orthodontally incapacitated dear Dickie, I do hope the alcohol is now kicking in.

    Re. guitars/punk/that whole thing - I found that by turning up the 'distort' dial and thrashing at it I could passibly sound like a Jesus & Mary Chain B side, but you can only go so far with that really. It impressed women for a while. As long as I did not actually play it, you understand.

    Isn't Welsh Twitching Lunatic Dentist a song by The Fall?

  5. Word verification: matin. Looks like Google is going international, it's like something from a Style Council b-side around here...

    So many of those punk musicians were secretly for the most part decent musicians. And apparently prog fans in some cases before 'year zero'.

    So much hype involved.

    Meanwhile my first amp when turned up only appeared to have one setting and that was Jesus And Mary Chain. It ended up being used as a doorstop after a while...

  6. Gave up on the guitar when i realized my fingers were the wrong shape to do the chord thing (my excuse and I'm sticking to it)like Mick i couldn't understand how some really thick people I knew could make such a beautiful noise come out of a guitar. My only solace comes from the fact that that prick Liam Gallagher can't play the guitar, if such a thing were to happen my dispair would be complete.
    DVD, a bit late but i've always found a couple of double malts after tooth surgery does the trick.

  7. Ooh thanks Drew, our kid. Have breath that hums like a dinosaur's colon at the moment. Will do the right thing this afternoon; avoid the rain, remain horizontal and watch From Here To Eternity.

  8. Damn that's good. (the Hamilton Bohannon track, I mean, rather than your tooth travails, Dick.)

    Word verification update: munco. Sounds like a henchman in the Spanish Inquisition sketch or sommat.

  9. What, the red guitar residing at my place?!!

    I have discovered, admittedly after many, many years, that you either learn to play an acoustic (much effort) or buy a big fuck off Marshall amp and just crank the volume to 11. Everything sounds good at 11. Even A, E & D...