Thursday, November 27, 2008

We Come On A Ship They Call The Mayflower

I've been to Nottingham today. It was OK. It rained.

I thought I'd walk back to the railway station instead of getting a cab it seemed like such a short distance, and then I ended up getting lost and walking past redbrick terraced houses and what the Americans call auto repair yards and I had to ask a lady where the station was and she was tremendously friendly and helpful in the way that only people that don't live in London are but they were - and I'm sorry nice lady - the worst, most over-complex make-sense-only-to-locals directions I have ever been given and by the time I did get to the station (I did get to the station) I was wetter than a wet thing that lives in wet places and, well, you know, phew.

By the way, my been-away-for-a-day observations on re-entering London were

1. That new St Pancras Station is dead posh
2. Crikey there's a lot of people here, and
3. Hmm. Most of them are wearing black.

Anyway the point of popping in here tonight when I didn't really expect to is to wish, sincerely, all of our lovely American friends a very, very happy Thanksgiving.

*sings* 'Enjoy your turkey!'

God I do go on.

Paul Simon - 'American Tune' (1973)

PS: The Mayflower actually sailed to The New World from my old hometown. Oh yes.


  1. Thank you darling, the feast was wonderful and as we ate in a restaurant, no dishes! :p And that darn Paul Simon song chokes me up every time.... xoxox

  2. To add to observation number 2 - most are also rude and miserable looking.
    Don't really mean to slag off the city but that's my impression when i come down. Stop somebody and ask for directions and they either look at you as if you are a madman or ignore you.

    Are we getting another slice of prime dance music tonight?

  3. We are - and it's a long, slow sexy one...

    btw we Londoners reserve the right to be rude, miserable and shitty to visitors - it's what makes us special.

  4. Mr D, thanks kindly, the book arrived this morning. Chapter 9 by lunchtime! Excellent stuff!

  5. As an (ex) Londoner I object to that that slur. I liked giving people directions and showing off my knowledge of the city.

  6. Turkey was very nice by the way. Had a couple of friends over and got lightly sozzled on Scotch while listening to Jose Feliciano.

  7. It don't get better'n that x

  8. Boring but true factoid of the day - My home town has an obscure thanksgiving connection. Quote:"It was a Gillingham man, Edward Rawson, who became the first secretary to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, a post that he held until his death in 1693. In this position he was instructed to issue The First Thanksgiving Proclamation (June 20, 1676)"

    Verification word: miqwham
    Do you think it's telling me what to post?

  9. I'm sure the Miqwham was an ancient tribe of Native American people located throughout Massachusetts.

    Still, wake me up before you go go.

  10. "They say I don't know, I don't care and I gotta go mate"

  11. Well, he was from Woking. No wonder no one wanted to speak to him.

  12. On Tottenham Ct Rd last month, I asked a newspaper seller chappie where the nearest Post Office was.

    "Fack orrf" he replied. "And buy a bleedin' paper".

    To be honest, you rarely see a Londoner within a square mile of Charing Cross.

    And, lest we forget, there are some discourteous/obnoxious tossers oop north too.

  13. Aw, thank you belatedly! Between the flu and the holiday and playing catch up, I'm only seeing this now.

    "Wetter than a wet thing that lives in wet places." Hee.


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