Friday, November 14, 2008


I feel compelled to address the anti-Agnetha bias I have detected in parts of blogworld.

I know Frida looked to be more of a good-time gal and I know Agnetha is a flaky, fragile, sensitive, Garbo-like recluse but THAT'S WHY I LIKE HER.

I believe this may be the campest song in my collection, especially the 'Make love to me now like never before!' bit, but by golly I loves it. Not so sure about the dress, but hey! it was the 80s!

Is that Lars Larsson and Anders Andersson on guitar?

Agnetha Faltskog - 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' (1983)

PS: Song co-written by Mike 'I Worked With Blondie, Me' Chapman.


  1. She was more flaky.

    it's the same rationale I use to support my Christine McVie over Stevie Nicks stance...

  2. Strangely, only last night I found her version of 'Past, Present and Future' on YouTube.

    Well worth a Google - and could serve as a dictionary definition of 'flaky'.

    Distinctly unsettling I thought.

  3. Blimey Paul, I just watched that and it's...The Blair Witch Project meets Bergman meets, er, The Shangri-Las. Phew. Flaky's not the half of it Jude.

    Makes me love her even more, of course.

  4. PS: Christine McVie is more flaky than La Nicks??!!

  5. quiet, pensive, mousey, aloof, reticent, reserved, moody, stoic, talented, bitchey and accentuated all the more when completely gakked on coke in their heyday...

    that's our Lady McVie. you're gonna like this:

    ...and THAT was more often than not.


  6. Ah, she can have a bottle of red round my place anytime. Cheers yourself!

  7. Even the fiddler looks Swedish. His mate is Deidre egg-bound owl Barlow of Malmo.
    The glimmer twins on guitar resemble the meatballs I had at Ikea last week.

  8. Why onearth any of you are trying to choose between them beggars belief.

    Indeed, it was probably my major dilemma as a seven-year-old, how would I be able to let one of them down should I ever be forced to choose betwen them?


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