Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brass Monkey Weather

Richard Hawley - 'The Nights Are Cold' (acoustic) (2007)

Original on this.


  1. It's a bit nippy north of the border as well, you think we would be used to it.
    Can't wait for the first utility demand of the New Year, yippee.

  2. Aye - throw another chair leg on the fire Mother.

  3. You need some fiscal stimulation Drew - just like me! It's all the rage. I'm sure the 2 and a half pence will make all the difference.

    Thanks for the song Davy the traveller (or should that be 'International bright young thing'?)

    Had to snap the dog off a lamp post earlier.

    Cocoa with a nip of brandy awaits.

  4. Dickie - if you fancy a warming read with that cocoa have al ook down the back of your sofa for some stray pennies and invest in that Ian Clayton book I'm reading...it is Hawley-endorsed, bloody marvellous and very Yorkshire.

  5. Is that 'Bringing it All Back Home' Davy lad?

  6. It's a bit taters here in New England too, frost on the car this morning.


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